[Review] Nature Republic - Super Origin Complete Control Cream (Tinted)

Surprise surprise! It's not an Etude House product ((((゜д゜))) Are you shocked? Because i am.

I never bought a Nature Republic product before going to Korea, i regret this now, because they are seriously good.

The first product i want to share with you guys is their Super Origin C.C Cream. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


[Review] It's Skin - Macaron Lip Balm

Hello Sweeties!

Winter is definitely coming here in Italy, my mother can keep on saying that i'm over dramatic, but for the whole week I've been f r e e z i n g {(>_<)}
While i love winter, the cold weather makes my lips all chapped and dry, and suddenly, lip balms become my Best friends ヽ(^◇^*)/

What i want to talk about today is the lovely Macaron Lip Balm from It's Skin (I talked a bit about it on my It's Skin Haul)

*please excuse the low quality of those photos, weather has been really shitty lately TT^TT*


[Review] Etude House - Snow White Precious Mineral B.B Cream

Since i'm a lazy ass, all i did for my whole month in Korea was sleep and eat and spend money around, i wanted to write some reviews but  ㅠㅅㅠ it never seemed to be the right time to take photos and write ㅠ3ㅠ i'm sorry~~

But now i'm back \o/ and i have tons of reviews for you~ 

What i want to talk about today is one item from their Happy Ending Disney Collection, when i had first read that they were about to launch a new collection in collaboration with Disney i was ecstatic, and i fallen in love with the products as soon as i saw them ≧◡≦
I had originally ordered the whole collection, but sadly the seller forgot to send my order so in the end i never received it, so i was waiting to buy everything in Korea *A*)/  (but, my usual luck, almost all the items of the collection were sold out .-.)

Out of the products that i tried, my favorite surely is the B.B. Cream! 


I'm Alive

I'M SORRY (╥_╥)

I didn't mean to disappear for so long, but ever since i came back from my holiday i was so busy with work, i haven't used my computer for a whole month.
All this time i was thinking what to write and what i could review, but in the end, i never had enough time to take decent photos, and when i had the weather was so shitty the photos were all blurry and dark and just plain meh.
Another reason that stopped me from writing new reviews: the items i was waiting for never arrived ( ̄□ ̄)
I had ordered the whole Etude House Disney Princess collection, but turns out the seller forgot to send my pack... so i was waiting for it for months ;; 
BUT i will be back, very soon actually! 
... I am leaving for Seoul tomorrow! So, the next reviews will be directly from there! 
I can't wait to be back in Seoul, i missed it so much TT^TT 
and i won't review just make up while i'm there, i plan on posting and sharing with you guys even the cute coffee shops i go to, or the stores i like more! 
I hope you will still be with me even if i disappear at times.

Love you~

p.s: here's a selca from yours truly.

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[Review] Etude House ✿ Dear Girls Oil Control Pact

Hello Cuties!
My vacation is almost over, it's time for me to come home~ i have tons of products i want to review, it's a pity i couldn't find time to take more photos and plan other review that would be posted when i was away, but please keep bearing with me, laziness and all (─‿‿─)
It's another Etude House product i know, but i just can't stop ヽ(´▽`)ノ
The Dear Girls Oil Control pact is especially crated for girls with oily skin who tends to get eve oiler when covered with base make-up and during hot days! I don't have an oily skin, at all, but i thought this oil control pact could be good for me too (◡‿◡✿)


[Review] Etude House - Golden Ratio Face Glam

Hello Cuties! How are you doing? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Right now i'm probably at the lake swimming around (in freezing cold water (⊙﹏⊙✿)) or reading a book under the sun, i hope you are having fun too (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Summer is the perfect season to sport luminous and colorful make up right? I'm not a big fan of matte foundation so i am even more happy when i can show extremely shimmery, luminous make up, and August is really the perfect month! In Italy the weather gets really hot and it's almost always sunny during the month so i can play around with all sorts of bright colors and glitters  ☆(❁‿❁)☆ 

Etude House Golden Ratio Face glam is a golden shimmery cream to apply over your base foundation to give a bright and fresh effect to your face ≧◡≦


[Review] It's Skin - BabyFace Teardrop Liner

Hello Cuties!
I've been extremely busy with work and i couldn't find time to write a review o(╥﹏╥)o
Anyway i finally have some time for myself ^o^  tomorrow i'll leave for a two week vacation to a lake in Austria, where i won't have wifi or anything *sigh* 
BUT! I have some review already planned in my draft that will be posted when i am away~
Onto the review now!
What i want to talk about today is the cute teardrop liner from the babyface line released by It's Skin.
I had bought this eyeliner some months ago when TesterKorea had sales on the whole collection (I wrote an It's Skin Haul Here)


[Review] Etude House - Play 101 Pencil

Play 101 Pencil are pretty famous by now, thanks to Pony and her video tutorial in collaboration with Etude House, these useful pencil went viral.
I couldn't resist (of course, it's Etude House) and started by buying two, but i do want to buy (wayyyy) more (≧◡≦)


[Review] Etude House - Lock'N Summer Proof10 Cushion Lock'n Liner

Hello cuties~
another review from Lock'N Summer collection from Etude House 
Today i want to talk about the eyeliners! The concept is very unique, It has the same style of the cushion blusher and the bb cushion, but applied to eyeliner, and since i can't go out of my house without eyeliner, i fell in love with them at first sight (●◠‿◠●)


[Review] Skin Food ❀ Honeypot Lip Balm

Yes you read that right! It's not an Etude House product ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Today i want to talk about a lip product from Skin Food,  the thing that prompted me to buy this it's basically the packaging, it looks like a honey pot and it's so adorable, i can't resist it.

[Review] Etude House Lock'N Summer Cushion Blusher

Since i started reviewing the Lock'N Summer series from Etude House i thought i could as well keep on reviewing products from it.
Today what i want to talk about is Etude House Cushion Blusher, like the majority of the products from this line, they are designed with cushion formula, a new hot trend in Korea, they are really new, and i honestly think that cushion blusher is the most fantastic thing it could be invented. ★~(◠‿◕✿)


[Review] Etude House ✧ Lock'n Summer precious mineral proof any cushion

As i am writing this, i am eating a delicious melon-yogurt-hazelnut ice cream directly from the shop ice-cream shop under my house (and probably smearing it all over my bed and computer since it's melting rather quickly), there is nothing better than ice-cream in hot days like this one.
And you know what i love probably as much as ice creams during hot days? Waterproof, feather-light bb creams.
When i have received my Lock'N Summer pack from Cosmetic Love i was extremely happy, and i'm even more so now that i have tried the amazing BB Cushion from the new Etude House summer line (✿ ♥‿♥)


[Review] Etude House - Any Balm 21

Guess what? Another review for an Etude House product!
And this time it's a super multi functional product ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀, as the name says Any Balm can do everything ᕙ(▰˘◡˘▰)ᕗ
Dry skin on your face? Arid patches on your legs? Ruined heels and Elbow? Need something to moisturize your lips? This product cures it alls!


[Review] Etude House Skin mal:gem Emulsion

Hello Cuties~
I'm alive! Me and my life to the sea for a week and i've been enjoying the sun~~ (under the shadow, because i can't tan) it's been so long since i last went to the beach, it's nice *u*
anyway, since the place is so good and the view is breathtaking, i wanted to review something here (ノ・ω・)ノ
What i want to talk about this time is a skin product that i've been using for two years now~
It's (another) Etude House product, from the Skin mal:gaem line!


June Favorites ♡

Hello there cuties~
Before we get to far into July and everybody forgets about June, i want to show you what were my favorite product of the month)ノ  


[Review] It's Skin - Baby Face B.B Stick

Hey cuties~
Today i want to review a BB Cream, this time though it's a different type of bbcream since it's in stick (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I had already showed this on my blog some time ago on my It's Skin Haul, since then, i used this little cutie here almost everyday~ i like to use it after applying some liquid bbcream to add another layer and give more coverage, or just for touch ups turing the day.

Sadly, i had it with me in my bag for a few days and the writing on got ruined ㅠㅠ


[Review] Etude House ☆ Apricot Stick

Hello! (ミ^0^ミ)
I'm finally back, work has been hectic lately  。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 but i finally found some time to write here~
Today i'm gonna review another Lip Product, this time too is from Etude House~

Etude House Apricot Stick are lip gloss, but more pigmented than normal one,  i really like the whole line, and i wish i could just get all the 8 colors.


It's Skin Haul ✧ Testerkorea

Three weeks ago TesterKorea had a 20% discount on some products because they were renewing their shop and i was extremely happy to see that they had discounts on It's Skin Baby Face line, i wanted to try this little cuties so much since the first time i saw them, i jumped on the occasion and got myself some cute things



[Review] Etude House ✧ Bling In the Sea Proof10 Color Eye Stick

I'm back with another review for an Etude House product, this time i'm talking about the Bling In The Sea line~

Bling In The Sea Proof10 Color Eye stick is a stick eyeshadow with really nice, vibrants colors, i got the #8 Deep Ocean Blue and #10 Bubbling Pink


Favorite Etude House Liptsticks

While i was cleaning my make-up area i began to think about the products i use more, and i wanted to share with you guys my top three favorite Etude House Lipsticks. ( •ॢ-ॢ)-

As some of you may know,  Etude House is probably my favorite korean brand for make-up, and choosing just three between all of those beautiful lipsticks was extremely hard.


[Review] Beauty Lenses ✧ Cosmic Intense & Dynamic Ice (KpopTown)

Hello Again~
Productive Martina is productive (•̀ω•́ )
Today in the mail i got something i couldn't wait to receive: New Circle Lenses (((o(**)o)))

I bought them from Kpoptown, it's my second time buying lenses from them, and i'm not disappointed.
It takes 10 days for parcels to arrive, and it makes me really happy~
Also they are packet safely and arrive with a free contact lens holder!

The two lenses i got this time are:

Cosmic Intense - Green
Dynamic Ice - Blue

[Review] Etude House ✧ Sweet Recipe. Cupcake Edition

Hello Everybody~
Today what i want to talk about are some super cute Etude House products!
Last year, Etude released the Sweet Recipe line, and i absolutely adore it ♡ so i selected 2 products that i find very useful for everyday use ω)/ 

 Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes 
✿ Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color


[Review] Holika Holika ✧ Bulgarian Rose Eye Cream.

Do you know that terrible feeling that you have after a extra tiring day? When your eyes burn and feel puffy? I work a lot lately, and after dinner i often feel like i have tons of needles under my eyes.


[GARNIER] Pure Active Anti-Imperfection daily moisturiser

Hello everybody!

Today i want to talk about a product that i really like recently.

Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfection 24h moisturiser~ i found out this product by accident while shopping for cleansing wipes, the packaging looked really cute, so i decided to buy it (Do you see the problem? I just have to buy everything that has a cute packaging) 


RiniShop Make-Up Haul (Etude House, Tony Moly)

Hello Everyone~

While i was browsing trough ebay searching for some Etude House cosmetics, and i found this seller, RiniShop, who had really pretty and catchy photos of their products, and since my birthday was coming soon i thought to make myself a gift, and bought myself some pretty products

First of all, i'm totally satisfied with the shop, my items got send the same day i ordered them. They had a free shipping offer, so i thought i would receive my items in two weeks/a month, but i got the shock of my life (in a positive way) yesterday when i got them, i couldn't have been happier, the products i ordered where things i really wanted, so to have them delivered so fast and perfectly was a total joy.


I'm Back!

Yes! You saw that right, i'm back!

I know i've been gone for a long time, i've just had lot of work to do in real life, plus i've been operated (again) so, i wasn't in the bast of shape, both physically and mentally, all the stress and everything really got to me this time.

But while i was away i kept on thinking "I should review this" "I want to show that on my blog" but at the end i never had the time, sigh.

And now, i plan on going back to post regularly and make a lot of new reviews and such things~

It was my birthday on the 11th, so i bought myself some make-up from new shops, and i plan to make some reviews haul on the products and shops i tried.

I hope you enjoy my (future) blog posts.


p.s: I changed my hair color! Now i'm honey brown, and the lower half of my hair will soon become pink!


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