[Review] Holika Holika ✧ Bulgarian Rose Eye Cream.

Do you know that terrible feeling that you have after a extra tiring day? When your eyes burn and feel puffy? I work a lot lately, and after dinner i often feel like i have tons of needles under my eyes.

Fortunately, this wonderful cream helps a lot to relieve redness, puffiness and dark circles

It comes in a really cute packaging, although it's a bit heavy and not too travel friendly, it's a really wonderful product.

First of all it's super moisturizing, which is amazing if like me, you have dry under eyes, lately i noticed that when i apply BB Cream or Foundation, my under eye area crease and it start looking really dry, but after i got this cream, things got a lot lot better!
My under eye feels softer, and there are days i can go out without even wearing concealer because it reduces Dark circles really well and it makes my eyes look less tired (super helpful when you can't sleep till 4AM at night) 

The product is sort of jelly-like, perfect because you just need a little of the product for it to work, and it's not greasy at all.
This eye cream contains 20% of Bulgarian Rose Essence, which gave this product an amazing smell, it doesn't last long, but it does relax me to smell the fantastic scent of roses whenever i use it 

The Cream gets absorbed fairly fast, i usually put foundation right after applying it, and it stay perfectly in place.
One thing i don't like about this, getting the product out is kinda messy, when trying to take the cream out, some of it gets under the nails, and it's a thing i really don't like.


Reduces Dark Circles
✧ Reduces Puffiness
Really Moisturizing
Not greasy
✧ Wonderful Scent
✧ Jelly-like formula

✧ Heavy Packaging
✧ Products stuck under nail when trying to scoop out.

All in all, i would totally recommend this, and i will for sure buy this again as soon as i finish this one.
What  do you guys think about it?

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