[Review] Beauty Lenses ✧ Cosmic Intense & Dynamic Ice (KpopTown)

Hello Again~
Productive Martina is productive (•̀ω•́ )
Today in the mail i got something i couldn't wait to receive: New Circle Lenses (((o(**)o)))

I bought them from Kpoptown, it's my second time buying lenses from them, and i'm not disappointed.
It takes 10 days for parcels to arrive, and it makes me really happy~
Also they are packet safely and arrive with a free contact lens holder!

The two lenses i got this time are:

Cosmic Intense - Green
Dynamic Ice - Blue

Let's start with the Blue one first~
This is how they look on the site:


Usually i always go for Green and Hazel contacts, but this time, i really wanted to try something different, and what's better than some Ice-y Blue? 
Plus it said to be the same one that Krystal wears in the Electric Shock MV and photoshoot, and i really liked how her eyes looked.
They are 14.5 mm and don't come with prescription.
I really like how soft they are, as soon as i applied them it was like i wasn't wearing anything, they are really comfortable!
One thing that i don't like that much is that between the inner part of the lens and my pupil there's a lot of gap, so it shows too much of my natural eye color for my liking.
Still i really like how well it blends with my eye.
It's not too noticeable, but you sure see the blue.
I will probably try another color of them, maybe the pink one or the green one. 

Here how it looks on me:

The other Circle Lenses i Got is the Cosmic Intense in Green:

It was love at first sight! The color looked so unique and pretty, and i'm totally satisfied, the lense looks exactly like the photo on the site, if not better.

It looks greener in photo, but it has actually kind of a blue-ish finish when i apply them on me, still they are extremely pretty.
They are 15mm and don't have prescription.
Since they are four colors this one are a little harder compared to the Dynamic Ice, but still they don't feel uncomfortable at all on yours eyes, and they blend wonderfully with your eye color ( •ॢ-ॢ)-
I am super happy with this lenses and i can't wait to try all the colors from this series, next time i'll probably get the violet or the pink one, which one you think would suit me?

Here some photos of me wearing them:

What do you guys think about them? And which circle lenses do you usually buy?

P.S: please follow the Contact Lens wearer's guide and remember that your eyes are important!
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  1. Hiya!

    The blue lenses are pretty cool! They resemble the nudy lenses, but with a bigger limbal ring I think...

    It'd be nice if you could take the photos with them on when facing the light? It's a bit difficult to see the blue ones particularly on your eyes ><

    Also, your GFC isn't working. I posted a quick note for blogspot people here, this is how I fixed mine http://snowrii-world.blogspot.co.nz/2014/06/to-everyone-who-uses-gfc-re-add-your.html

    1. Hello~
      Yes i should try to get a better light for those, weather has been kind of meh since the beginning of the month :c that was the best light i could get, but i'll definitely take a better photo with them ^3^

      Really? °D° thank you for making me notice~



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