[Review] Skin Food ❀ Honeypot Lip Balm

Yes you read that right! It's not an Etude House product ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Today i want to talk about a lip product from Skin Food,  the thing that prompted me to buy this it's basically the packaging, it looks like a honey pot and it's so adorable, i can't resist it.

It comes with a little wooden honey stick, which make the packaging looking even more like a honey jar, and probably increasing the cute factor by a hell lot, even thought i don't use it much, i prefer to scoop the product out with a lip brush, it's impossible to take the product out with your fingers so you have to use either a brush or the stick, i got mine in color #1 Berry (the other two colors are #2 mandarin and #3 Honey)
Not that the color really matters, because it's purely a moisturizing and nourishing balm, once applied to the lips it leaves just the slightest hint of red, but nothing noticeable.

I bought this a year ago and there is still a lot of product for me to use, the consistency is jelly like and shiny, i honestly love looking at it because even the product itself is so cute ≧◡≦
Thanks to the honey ingredient this lip balm makes an amazing moisturizer, and being Skin Food, it's a really natural product, this means that my lips absorb all the beneficial effects from the ingredients in no time, since it doesn't have to reject artificial components.
I apply this at night, and in the morning i can still feel the silk-like effect on my lips.
Other than moisturizing, it makes lips look fuller and shiny, bringing out the natural  red of the lips.

Swatched on my hand:

On my lips:

 Really cute packaging
 Nice Smell
 Products last a lot of time

 Slight to none color
❀ Impossible to take out with fingers 


  1. Awwww, this is so adorable! <3 SkinFood always make so cute products! I've never seen this before though, I wonder if you can still buy it.


    1. Yes it's so cute *AAA* i really couldn't resist when i saw it >w< i bought it on testerkorea, and they still have it~ http://testerkorea.com/Product/skinfood-honeypot-lip-balm-65g it's not something that everyone have tho.



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