[First Impression] Mirum - Crosel Sheet Fresh Fruit Aloe

Hello Chocopies!

It's been so long since i have last done a First Impression! But i'm planning on doing more and more of these! My addiction with masks makes me buy a lot of them, so i have a lot to talk about!

Today's mask is from Mirum and it's the Crosel Sheet Fresh Fruit Aloe (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


[REVIEW] Missha - Lighting Tone Up Base (TESTERKOREA)

Hello Chocopies!

I'm finally feeling better and i'm ready to post again! I'm so happy to be back ≧◡≦

This post was something i had to do for a while now, and i'm really excited for it!


[REVIEW] It's Skin - Magic No Sebum Pact DX (TESTERKOREA)

Hello Chocopies!

I'm here with a new post! If you have read my review about the Etude House Dear Girls Control Pact, you might know that i don't use a lot of clear pacts, so i was really curious when i saw this item in the Real Tester set that i choose and Testerkorea sent me! 

As i said on my previous blogpost, Testerkorea is my favorite site for buying korean cosmetics! It has a enormous choice of brands, and for each brand there are millions of products, the shipping is fast and cheap and the price of the products are the cheapest you could ever find around! I've been buying from them for a lot of years and never once i've been left disappointed, they are efficient, extremely nice and give you tons and tons of samples with each order you place!

Let's get to the review now (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


[REVIEW] Innisfree - Ampoule intense foundation [Testerkorea]

Hello Chocopies!

It's been a long time since i wrote a review about a foundation, that's because when i find something i like, i use that product for ages! And plus, lately i couldn't find any foundation that really satisfied me enough to make me want to write a review.

As you might know, i'm a big fan of Innisfree products, i love everything about them, so i was extremely excited to try this foundation!


[REVIEW] Etude House - Sunprise Mild Airy Finish

Hello Chocopies!!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! I had a a little "sleepover" party at a friend house and it was extremely fun!

But now, let's go into the review!

Today, i'm talking about one of the most underrated skin-care product ever: Sun cream!
I use it on a daily basis, and i like to buy them and get different ones for each time of the year, there are some that are better for summer, since they are more moisturizing and sweat-proof, and others that are good for winter since they provide moisture and don't dry out the skin more than the weather does!

The Sunscreen i will be talking about today is from Etude House, and it's the Sunprise Mild Airy Finish!


[REVIEW] The Saem - Perfect Cover Tip Concealer

Hello Chocopies!

Yes i'm back! And i hope i won't have to disappear ever again!

How was the start of the new year for you? I hope it went extremely well!! Mine started kinda meh, and with some health problems, but i also got some awesome news, so i want to stay pretty positive! 

And now into the review! Today i want to show you one of my favorite concealers, if not my favorite! It's been really a looong long time since i last reviewed a concealer, and that's because i'm really picky with them and i rarely find one that satisfies me enough to make me want to review it!

But this one, well this one is just amazing. ♥‿♥


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