[Review] Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Hello Everyone~

Yes i'm back (finally) i've been so busy lately, all i've done was work, oh and packing  things because i'm finally moving to another city! I'm always so tired i don't have the strength to even open to pc.
But anyway, in between this long time of work my package from testerkorea arrived \o/ and i want to talk about the most amazing BBcream EVER.

I've always seen tons of my favorite you-tubers talking wonders about this bbcream but i decided to buy it just now, and after only two days of using it i've started to wonder how could i have lived without this. 
This BBcream comes in a very smart and cute packaging, it's a mat glass, jelly-shaped pack, and it has a plastic spatula attached to the lid that you can use for taking the products out, so there aren't problems of taking out too much products or messing it everywhere, and i absolutely love this, no messy packagings and bbcream residues everywhere anymore \o/
Oh and it also came with a sponge, i rarely use it but it's still good to have one since it is a really good one.

The texture is nothing that i have ever had before, as the name says, it has a jelly like texture and it squish around when you shake the bottle (so cute >w<) 
It feels Amazing on the skin, is very light and it feels like nothing on the skin, making it extra comfortable to wear for hot or humid weather.

Once you apply this bb on your skin, is jelly-like texture becomes more liquid and it blends like every other BBcreams (or better)
It has a medium coverage, which you can built to full coverage, this bb cream is highly hydrating too, so the skin feels soft and smooth for the whole day (it last really long too). And it smells really good, nothing too strong, but still nice to have on the face, thing that i find really important since i want my face to have a good smell.  

This cream comes in two colors, I have the color 01 Aqua Beige, it looks slightly too light at first, but once it oxides it's has a semi mat finish and it looks just perfect.

This is how it looks on my Skin:

So all in all, i can't really find any important downside to this BBcream, the only problem from now on will be that i'll have to buy tons of it.

Little cover test:

Oh and this is final effect on me (I've been operated two month ago and my skin is suffering some post-operation stress, so i have black spots and blemish all around my face lately, and i find it covers them up pretty well):


where to buy it: Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

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  1. This bb cream is so raved by literally everyone i feel bad for myself bc i havent tried it omg :c i will have to finish the bb creams thatd last me forever lol


    1. lol My BBCream collection is always huge T^T i can't help but buy tons of them and try them all, but since this, i'm using only this T^T it's so amazing ;n;

  2. That....is pretty good coverage ._.
    I'm not used to good coverages in Korean BBs, just because I always associate both Asian and Western BBs with ~sheer coverage~. BUT DAMN, DAT JELLY TEXTURE SEEMS SO FUN TO PLAY WITH
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. I'm not really into Western BBs, i've tried the Dior's one once, but it was way too orangish for me and such, but Korean BBcreams always cover whatever i want to cover perfectly *A*
      I KNOW RIGHT. I spend tons of times shaking the bottle just to see the Jelly texture bounce around ;A;)/



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