[Review] Etude House ✧ Sweet Recipe. Cupcake Edition

Hello Everybody~
Today what i want to talk about are some super cute Etude House products!
Last year, Etude released the Sweet Recipe line, and i absolutely adore it ♡ so i selected 2 products that i find very useful for everyday use ω)/ 

 Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes 
✿ Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

Sweet Recipe Cupcacke Eyes

They are extra cute two-color eyeshadows~ I got them in PK001 and BR402.
The packaging is the cutest thing ever, because really? Cupcakes like packaging? Instant L O VE.
One thing i really liked about these eyeshadow is their travel friendly size, whenever i have to go away from home and i can't bring tons of make ups with me, i like to bring them.
The colors are extremely pretty and great for a everyday use, they aren't very pigmented, but i don't find this disturbing, it just give a soft and natural vibes to the whole look, still you might want to use a primer before applying them, so the colors will show up brighter (and last longer on your eyelids).
They are also really easy to blend, definitely a plus for me ( •ॢ-ॢ)-♡ 

I swatched them on my hand so show how the colors look with natural light (•̀ω•́ )

As you can see, the yellow one is the less pigmented one, but it's good to use as a base~ They all have some glittery in them, and it makes a wonderful effect under the sun rays 

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

This two cuties are lovely creamy blushes that can be used as lipstick and as eyeshadows too~
like the cupcakes eyeshadows the packaging is really really cute and travel friendly, even more because they are a all in one product ♡ 
I got the PK002 and OR202
The smell is amazing, sweet and relaxing, sometimes when i have them with me i like to open the lid and just smell it because it's that good.
Most of the times i use them as blushes, i really like how soft they are and how easy it's to blend them on my cheeks, they look extremely good and natural, and that's the kind of blushes i like the most. 
They look really pretty on the lips too, but i have to apply some lip balm before them, because if not, after a while the color start to look duller.
As for using it as a eyeshadow, i was a bit skeptical at first, but after i tried them on i had a change of heart. they look so girly and cute! They have a very unique effect  on the eyelids~ sadly after a while they tend to goes in the crease of the eyes.

Swatched them on my hand with natural light:

Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eye:
✧ Travel Friendly 
✧ Cute Packaging
✧ Glittery colors
✧ Natural Look
✧ Easy to blend
✧ Everyday use

✧ Sheer color
✧ doesn't last for a very long time

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color:
✧ Travel Friendly
✧ Cute packaging
✧ Wonderful Smell
✧ Easy to blend on cheeks
✧ Natural look

✧ Doesn't last long on eyes
✧ dry effects on lips if applied without lip balm

I'll definitely buy other colors, because it's a product i love a lot ٩(ω )۶ 

p.s: Do check all the Sweet Recipe Line, everything is so pretty and great  
p.p.s: I created a facebook page! Chocowip
What do you think about them? Have some of you tried them?

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