[Review] It's Skin - Baby Face B.B Stick

Hey cuties~
Today i want to review a BB Cream, this time though it's a different type of bbcream since it's in stick (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I had already showed this on my blog some time ago on my It's Skin Haul, since then, i used this little cutie here almost everyday~ i like to use it after applying some liquid bbcream to add another layer and give more coverage, or just for touch ups turing the day.

Sadly, i had it with me in my bag for a few days and the writing on got ruined ㅠㅠ

The product is in a tube, and it has a cute smiling face on it *3*
When you uncap it, you find a little safety cap, preventing the bbcream from getting messy or being ruined. it's something i personally ADORE, i hate it when the products get all over the lid, so i find this extremely helpful.

If you twist the bottom of the tube, the stick with the product come out~ 
I got mine in shades Light Beige, it's perfect with my skin tone, the consistency is quite soft, it melts easily on the skin when i swipe it on, and it super easy to blend with a sponge or fingers (≧ω≦)

Coverage is medium, but it's pretty buildable and it covers everything pretty well.
Sadly I'm happy i found out this lovely stick bb cream, since it's really easy to carry around and it doesn't take much space in my bag, and a little of the product does my entire face *3*
It last pretty long too, usually i have to touch up my make only when it's really hot, and in the evening (and since i do my make up at 8AM it's great).

Sadly I did a little coverage test: 

as you can see, coverage isn't high, but you can build it up easily. 

And here a selca with the bbstick on~ 

Hair are half pink now *A*

 Easy to Bring Around  
✿ Easy to apply
✿ Coverage is buildable
✿ Pretty Packaging 
✿ Safety cap to keep the product from getting messy

✿ Not really noticeable ones. 

Whatd do you guys think of this bb cream? ** 

Also, the view from where i was taking pictures was really pretty, so i took a photo~ 

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p.s.s: Etude House released another lip gloss, this one should be refreshing, perfect for summer **


  1. Ah, questo cosetto volevo prenderlo anche io per avere una bb cream da portarmi in giro....sospettavo che la coprenza non fosse fantastica! U.U grazie per la review!

    1. Si non è il massimo come coprenza ma è ottimo per i rossori e i ritocchi durante il giorno *3* è così adorabile che non ho saputo resistere ;3;



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