I'm Back!

Yes! You saw that right, i'm back!

I know i've been gone for a long time, i've just had lot of work to do in real life, plus i've been operated (again) so, i wasn't in the bast of shape, both physically and mentally, all the stress and everything really got to me this time.

But while i was away i kept on thinking "I should review this" "I want to show that on my blog" but at the end i never had the time, sigh.

And now, i plan on going back to post regularly and make a lot of new reviews and such things~

It was my birthday on the 11th, so i bought myself some make-up from new shops, and i plan to make some reviews haul on the products and shops i tried.

I hope you enjoy my (future) blog posts.


p.s: I changed my hair color! Now i'm honey brown, and the lower half of my hair will soon become pink!

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