[Review] It's Skin - Macaron Lip Balm

Hello Sweeties!

Winter is definitely coming here in Italy, my mother can keep on saying that i'm over dramatic, but for the whole week I've been f r e e z i n g {(>_<)}
While i love winter, the cold weather makes my lips all chapped and dry, and suddenly, lip balms become my Best friends ヽ(^◇^*)/

What i want to talk about today is the lovely Macaron Lip Balm from It's Skin (I talked a bit about it on my It's Skin Haul)

*please excuse the low quality of those photos, weather has been really shitty lately TT^TT*

While i was in Korea, i saw tons of girls using this little item, i was honestly shocked, i never thought it would be so famous, but every time i was in the subway, i kept seeing this cutie in all different colors (✿ ♥‿♥)

This lip balm comes in 5 different colors, Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape, Pineapple, the new one: Chocolate ≧◡≦

Since i can't resist anything that is pink, i got mine in color 01, Strawberry.
The box is transparent and has a cute white drawing of a Macaron and the name on it (。◕‿◕。) 
while the back has a pink background, with the ingredients and info written in korean!

The packaging is extremely cute, it looks exactly like a Macaron, It makes you want to bite it, right?

Once you uncap it, the consistency is like any other lip balm, to take out the products i just lightly dab my finger on it (▰˘◡˘▰) It's slightly colored, giving my lips a pretty pink color.
The scent is, obviously, strawberry flavored, but it's not too overwhelming, honestly, it's perfect combination, enough to be pleasant without being too much for people who are sensitive to scents.

I really like it, aside from the extremely cute packaging, that i love sooo much, It's really moisturizing! When i bought it, i was expecting a cute product with normal/low moisturize like cute lip balm often are, but i was pleasantly shocked! I usually put it on in the morning after my skin care routine (that is severely lacking lately Ծ_Ծ) and i can still feel the moisture when i come back home for lunch! (°∀°) (since i apply it at around 9AM and eat around 1.30PM, It's a pretty long time for a lip balm!)
My lips are instantly soft, and thanks to the slightly pink coloration it leaves, they also have a pleasant color. I have problems with my too pale natural lips (thanks to my anemia (╯ಊ╰) )

No make up day, i'm sorry for my horrible bare skin T^T

I'm pretty satisfied with this product, and i'm thinking of getting the chocolate scented one too (i mean, who can resist chocolate scented things? Not me for sure (●´ω`●))

What's your favorite lip balm sweeties? Have you tried this? **

Where To Buy: It's Skin Macaron Lip Balm

P.s: Here some photos of Seoul (but mostly of food)


  1. The pictures are nice even with the bad weather!

    And I like pale lips. My top lip is brownish and my bottom is this dull pink (or something like that) and I've always thought soft pink lips were a lot nicer! Anyways, cute review!


    1. Awn thank you ㅠ3ㅠ)/♡

      Mine are so pale tho :c there are times were they get so pale i look sick :c

      Thank you for your comment ♡

  2. I have this too~ ^ - ^
    It is one of my favourite Lip Balms! ^ w ^


  3. I love love love the pink macaron packaging! So cute ;_;
    I love your food pics from Seoul!

    1. Yes it's sooo cute ;3; i couldn't resist it.
      thank you *u*)/

  4. Thank you for the review, Martina!
    I have always thought that this is a very cute lip balm, but it would not be anything extraordinary. Your review has made me think differently, now I'm hesitating whether to give it a try.
    I hope your health improves soon. <3

    1. I was thinking the same thing before purchasing this, but i really recommend getting one of those if you have dry lips!
      Thank you sweetheart *u*)/

  5. Ohhhh :O Sembra che la tua review sia stata fatta a pennello...non sapevo se acquistarlo o no! Ora...Ora non so se lo voglio lilla o rosa ;_____;

  6. I just purchased and received this lipbalm in pineapple! i'm so excited to use it soon, especially after reading your review! :D




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