[Review] Etude House ☆ Apricot Stick

Hello! (ミ^0^ミ)
I'm finally back, work has been hectic lately  。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 but i finally found some time to write here~
Today i'm gonna review another Lip Product, this time too is from Etude House~

Etude House Apricot Stick are lip gloss, but more pigmented than normal one,  i really like the whole line, and i wish i could just get all the 8 colors.

I got three colors:

☆ 8호 새콤 앵두 (sour cherry)
☆ 3호 상큼 사과 (refreshing apple)
☆ 1호 달콤 포도 (sweet grapes)

Number 8 is a powerful Red color, just like cherries, number 3 is a coral gloss with pink undertone and number 1 is an hot pink lipgloss.
Despite the name of the colors they all smell like apricot (just like the name of the line), personally i really like the smell, it's really fruity and lovely.
One thing i don't like is how careful you have to be on swtching the base to make the product came out, if you switch too much, you can't make it go back! It's a bit of a pain all the times.
They glides really well on my lips, and feel really moisturizing too! Being lip gloss, they have this shiny, almost jelly-like, finish giving natural vibes to the lips.
They are really sheer, but the color can be buildable ( •ॢ-ॢ)-  i think they are perfect for summer, i don't like to wear lipstick that are too strong during these hot days, and i much prefer natural looking lip products.
Being Lip Gloss, they aren't really long lasting, i'd say 3-4 hours without eating, but since they are so petit it's easy to carry one around and apply it whenever you want 

Swatched them on my hand:

And on my lips:

pictures are a bit off, weather has been kinds meh all week, i'm sorry T^T




Gigantic front theet ftw

All of them are applied just once on my lips, as you can see, the hot pink one (Number.1) is the most sheer one, it pretty much looks like my natural lip color, just more glossy.

✿ Pretty Color
✿ Moisturizing
✿ Travel Friendly Size
✿ Lovely Smell
✿Color is buildable

✿ Can't switch the product back if you make it come out too much
✿ Not that long lasting

All in all, i really love this cuties, and i want to get more color in the future (ˆˆ)
What do you guys think of them?

Here two Selcas with Number 8 and Number 1~

isn't this wig pretty? I love that color *3*

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p.p.s: Etude House came out with a new summer line! Lock 'n' Summer, some products for that line are already on my way, i can't wait to get my hands on them and try them out *3* everything looks AMAZING.

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