[Review] Etude House ✧ Lock'n Summer precious mineral proof any cushion

As i am writing this, i am eating a delicious melon-yogurt-hazelnut ice cream directly from the shop ice-cream shop under my house (and probably smearing it all over my bed and computer since it's melting rather quickly), there is nothing better than ice-cream in hot days like this one.
And you know what i love probably as much as ice creams during hot days? Waterproof, feather-light bb creams.
When i have received my Lock'N Summer pack from Cosmetic Love i was extremely happy, and i'm even more so now that i have tried the amazing BB Cushion from the new Etude House summer line (✿ ♥‿♥)

I got it for $15.44, a reasonable price since it does last a lot of time.
The packaging is really simple and cute (≧◡≦) Thanks to the cushion formula it's very light weighted and easy to carry around, nowadays cushions are a big trend in korea, and bringing your favorite bb cushion around with you for touch-ups is a must.
On the box there are instructions in both korean and english and the list of ingredients.

"This is a summer proof cushion that quickly and easily completes perfect face make-up for the summer."

When you open it you'll find the lid that separates the sponge from the product, so it won't get messy easily.
The mirror on the inside it's really big too and i adore it 

I'm used to bb cushion being really light coverage, so i was amazed when, just with one layer, i couldn't see my imperfections anymore, it's fantastic, it's so light you won't even notice you have applied something on your face, but the coverage is amazing, it has a glowy finish that i find perfect for summer and natural look, and thanks to the oil absorbing formula, your face will never look too shine-y or oily, isn't that great? ヽ(^◇^*)/
It smells like other etude house bb cream, it's a really nice smell to me and it isn't too overwhelming or anything.
On top of that it's extremely long lasting too, on days when i don't run around the shop like a crazy people, i don't even have to touch it up! Like the description says, it's formulated  especially for hot and humid summer days (and Seoul can be really humid) so of course it performs wonderfully even during warm days when you happen to sweat.
Like others Etude House BB Cushion it's SPF50 so you don't have to be afraid of dangerous UVRays ٩(^‿^)۶
Another thing i really appreciate from this product is the sponge, despite other sponges that get messy after the first application, the product that is left on the sponge is barely noticeable in this one, making everything look more clean, definitely a plus for me 

Coverage Test:

This it's how it covers a dark blue pen mark with just one layer, and coverage is buildable too for an even flawless effect *3*
This bb cushion was exactly what i was searching for, i'm so happy i bought it (◕  ◕)

❀ Perfect Coverage
❀ Nice Smell
❀ Easy to bring around
❀ Long lasting
❀ Sponge doesn't get messy easily
❀ Big Mirror
❀ Glowy finish
❀ Oil absorbing formula

❀ None noticeable to me

And here cuties, a delicious, refreshing ice-cream for all of you (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


  1. this sounds more promising than other cushions in the market! since it's meant for summer days then i guess it will does better for girls (or guys) like me who have oily skin. you get it at a very reasonable price! i believe cushion makeup is usually around 20 bucks?

    hey mind checking my blog, itd be nice if we can follow each other ;)

    1. Yes it's really affordable, plus refill aren't pricey at all too (around 10$?) *u*

      Yes it would be nice *3* i was already following you on bloglovin and i adore your blog **

  2. This product really looks tempting! Especially the SPF. I already own so many BB creams but I think when I manage to use up something I will definitely get this!

    By the way your blog is really adorable! ^^

    1. I have so many bb creams too :c i should probably stop my compulsive buying, but i just couldn't resist this collection >3<

      Thank you so much dear~ **



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