[Review] Etude House - Lock'N Summer Proof10 Cushion Lock'n Liner

Hello cuties~
another review from Lock'N Summer collection from Etude House 
Today i want to talk about the eyeliners! The concept is very unique, It has the same style of the cushion blusher and the bb cushion, but applied to eyeliner, and since i can't go out of my house without eyeliner, i fell in love with them at first sight (●◠‿◠●)

The collection has 5 colors: BK801 DJ.Black, BR401 Peace Brown, BL601 GO! Blue, RD301 Scream Red and PP501 Lock Purple, i got 4 of them (Black, Brown, Blue and Red) because i'm not a big fan of purple, but i'm thinking of purchasing  the one i'm missing in the future because i really like the idea of cushion eyeliner ≧◡≦

On the box you can see the instructions in both English and Korean and the list with the ingredients, i honestly adore that every color has a cute little drawing that has something to do with the color name (✿◠‿◠)

 "This is a cushion liner that coats eyes with vivid color for powerful, energetic eyes"

Inside the box, the eyeliner comes with a angular brush so you don't need to have a special eyeliner brush to use this product, the brush has a quite good quality and it works perfectly, it's extremely easy to line out the eyeliner since the bristle have the perfect texture ٩(^‿^)۶ the brush comes with a plastic protection, so you don't have to worry about it getting ruined.

The eyeliner comes in a cute round white and blue case and the line of the Lock'n Liner logo are the same color of the eyeliner  (^з^)-☆
When you open it, you find a lid protecting the product, inside, the cushion sponge is filled with the eyeliner.

Sadly, the black eyeliner came already dry and it's unusable o(╥﹏╥)o i'm pretty sure this would have been my most used one out of the four colors sighs, i'm not sure if it's the hot and humid weather we had here in Italy that helped drying the product or if it's something else, i still want to try and buy the refill for the black one when it gets a little colder, to see if i was just unlucky, even though i saw other blogger complain about their product being dry.
fortunately the other colors works perfectly and side for that little accident, i absolutely LOVE this eyeliner, they perform incredibly well on my eyes and it's super easy to use!
Thanks to the coating proof formula the product doesn't smear or goes away after some hours, instead it stay on my eyes for the whole day  (●´ω`●)  it's also sweat resistant and it's perfect even for people with oily lids!
The colors are vibrant and show wonderfully on the lids, Etude House made a wonderful work with the waterproof formula too! You won't have to be afraid of having a little cry while watching a sentimental movie (∪ ◡ ∪)

Swatches on my hand and resistance tests:

Isn't the red one extremely pretty? It's such a gorgeous color   。(✿‿✿)。
That was the best i could do with the dried out black *sighs*

You can see my red irritated skin after all the scrubbing i did, and still, the eyeliner didn't even budge.

Fortunately, it isn't so difficult to remove the eyeliner with adequate cleansing products, so when you want to remove your make up for the day you don't have to go crazy with getting the eyeliner off 

After staying with my hand under running water for a good two minutes, the eyeliner was still there looking like i had just applied it, maybe it's just me but i find the blue one to be even more vivid when you splash water on it.

Even when i scrubbed my wet hand with force, the eyeliner didn't budge! The black and red one are a little less vivid than before, but still they are in place and they aren't completely gone.

Impressive huh? That's an amazing product   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

❀ Innovative Idea
❀ Cute packaging
❀ Comes with a brush
❀ Easy to carry around
❀ Vivid Colors
❀ Long Lasting
❀ Waterproof
❀ Sweat Proof
❀ Easy to use

❀ Black one dried out 


  1. Oh very cute swatches nice review!


  2. i think etude house has gone too far with the cushion thing. why would you put an eyeliner on a cushion and make it even easier to dry out ._. i think the application seems similar to gel eyeliner with the brush and everything. lol i seem so against the idea of this kind of eyeliner even though i will have to admit that it's cool and creative. the quality doesnt seem to be bad also. but come onnnnnnn, (well etude house, youre really good at making your customers buy everything)


    1. Cushion Mania eheheheh (you're right, damn you Etude House for making me want to buy everything you make c.c)
      I fell in love with the idea od cushion eyeliner, because it's similiar to the texture of a liquid eyeliner, but it's easier and faster to apply!
      It's a pity it dries out so fast ;;

  3. nice product u have here. i think this is such an innovation. thanks for the review


    1. Thank you *A* yes the idea of cushion eyeliner is so cool **

  4. Hi
    Nice review ;)

    I just thought cushion means the product couldn't dry because we could press it just like the bb cream ..
    It is sad the product dried before using it T_T


    1. Hello!
      I thought the same too ;; it's such a pity it dries so fast ;; i hope Etude House will renew the formula to make it work better **

  5. Interesting! I haven't seen this particular line in our local Etude House branches. It's also my 1st time to see a "cushion" liner hehe reminds me of their cc cream and bb cream :)


    1. Yes! It's really cool ** the idea of a cushion eyeliner was seriously too tempting to resist, it's so easy to use this too **

  6. wow, the colors look super pigmented!! love the pretty blue one <3

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

    1. Tank you so much! Yes the Red and the Blue one are my favorites **

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