[Review] Etude House - Any Balm 21

Guess what? Another review for an Etude House product!
And this time it's a super multi functional product ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀, as the name says Any Balm can do everything ᕙ(▰˘◡˘▰)ᕗ
Dry skin on your face? Arid patches on your legs? Ruined heels and Elbow? Need something to moisturize your lips? This product cures it alls!

The balm comes in a round pack, contrarily to the cute packaging Etude House always make, this one is very simple.
Once you uncap it, the product itself is a bright yellow, it reminds me of beeswax, the consistency of the product is quite hard too, just like wax~
i usually swipe my finger in the tube for a few times until i get the desired amount i need~
It smells really nice, like rosemary and lemon (。♥‿♥。)

Because of the wax-like consistency of the balm, i usually like to warm the product between my fingers before applying it~

On the box there are the list of ingredients and instruction in both korean and english (◕ ε ◕)

"Formulated with natural botanical oil, this multi-function balm can be used anytime, anywhere with twenty one recommended applications to nourish and replenish dry skin"

This balm has literally become my life savior! I have really dry patches on my elbow, and this little fellow here has healed them in a blink of an eye, because it's so natural my skin absorbs all the beneficial effects of it extremely fast, working wonder on my poor skin.
I like to apply this balm on my hair too, now that i am at the beach almost everyday (no more since i'm going home today (╥_╥) ) Whenever i come home from a bath in the sea i apply some of the product on my wet hair, especially on the tips and let my hair dry naturally, it's amazing how well it works, my hair feel soft and look shiny when i do that, and i took a liking in applying it even on dry hair, since it won't look or feel oily at all (ah~ the magic of AnyBalm 21 *3*)
Summer is full of damn mosquitos, and they like to bite me, a lot. But if i apply a bit of the product on the bite, it doesn't sting anymore, and it won't leave any sing on my skin ♥

This little thing here is litterally a wonder product i do suggest to try it ♥ 

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