[Review] Innisfree - Mineral Blusher & Mineral Shading

Hello Cuties! How are you doing?

As you know, i am becoming more and more obsessed with Innisfree products, and today i want to talk of other two products from that brand! It's the Mineral Blusher & Mineral Shading!

I had seen the blusher while i was in korea, but me not being a big fan of blusher i just looked at them and walked away from that expositor.

Still, i was pleasantly amazed by how good they looked, even just swatched on my hand.

It was just two months later that i decided to buy it, because i was seriously lacking a pretty looking blusher.

There are eight colors of this blush, i got mine in the shade nr.2 "Real Raspberry Pink" , which is a really nice hot pink, and while i was at it,  i bought their mineral shading, in nr.7 "Sweety Vanilla" a lovely light brown, which is the perfect shade for contouring my face (since i'm too pale for this word).

The packaging is quite simple, and it doesn't come in a box.

I really love these two products, because they write extremely well on my face, they show up nicely, but they are still really nice and subtle, they don't make me look like a clown or like i just went for a 20 miles run, but gives me a nice blush and a subtle definition where i contour.

They are really easy to blend, and i don't have to work much on it for the color to be ok, which is something i really look forward to in a blusher (And same thing goes for the Mineral Shading).

The lasting power is also really impressive! i can still see the pink on my cheeks 8 hours after i put make up on (but it might also be thanks to my The Saem Mojito cooling mist, which helps my make up staying on longer, you can read my review about it Here), and they don't make my face looks cake-y either! 

I swatched it on my hands to show the colors:

It's really subtle and pretty right? I'm honestly obsessed with these, and when i will feel like buying another blusher, i'll just get another shade from this line *E*

Simple Packaging
Nice Shade
Long Lasting
Natural ingredients

For people that like intense blusher, this might not be the one for you!

Have you guys tried one of these? 

Where to buy: Innisfree Mineral Blusher


  1. I've nv tried any of the two products, but the colour payout looks good! Thanks for the review (:


  2. Yes, i love that is so natural on the cheeks! It gives a really natural look to everything.

  3. I haven't tried any innisfree products yet, will check them out soon <3


  4. Era da un sacco che dovevi fare questa review!!! ANCORA TI INVIDIO QUEL BEL PENNELLO CHE SPUNTA IN UNA FOTO

  5. I love Innisfree products! They are wonderful and work wonders on my face *_*

  6. SI, finalmente sono riuscita a scriverla! AHAHAH amo quel pennello *3*)/

  7. Finally google let me subscribe to your blog, I'm very sorry for not having done it before, Martina. ;<
    Lately, I have also started to interest me more and more in Innisfree's products and I have that bronzer in the spotlight. Thanks for the review. ♥

    Dreamy sakura ~

  8. Innisfree is one of my favorite. Surely, will give it a try. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Quite interesting :)

  9. I love the products of innisfree :) this looks so natural and beautiful :)



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