A trip to the beach

Went to the beach yesterday \o/
it's been 3 years since i last went to the beach so i was really excited to see the sea *n*


Shopping at Lush

Hi guys~

Went to Lush to buy something today *n*

In the end i opted for two mask and 3 bathing balls *n* which i know i'll already love since i love every  bathing balls Lush does~~

probably gonna review the mask when i'll try them tho *3*


Homemade SkinCare remedies.

My grandma always had a homemade natural remedy for everything, from how to cure allergies, migraines etc, to how to relax yourself and more.
When i was little we would spend afternoons preparing special masks for my face and it was so much fun.


Rouge Coco 54, Chanel Lipstick.

I'm a really big fan of red lipsticks, but i get really picky, i don't like it when the lipsticks are to showy so i always search for more natural looking colors.

But i must say, i'm really happy of this one, it's the number 54, Rouge Coco, from the Le Baiser line.

I've been using this for quite some time already and i'm now addicted, Chanel couldn't do a better job.


NIVEA SkinCare [Review]

Hello guys~ 
Some weeks ago there was a promotion on Nivea Products and i let myself get carried away with it ㅠ ㅠ, and in the end i bought these:

Well, i must say, i'm pretty satisfied with them. I still have to try the Honey face mask since i've been pretty busy lately with life, but i'm TOTALLY in love with the Clean Deeper Scrub, i use it every morning and every night during my skincare routine and i'm so glad i do, my skin feels so refreshed after it and it has a wonderful smell, not only that, it also leave my complexion much brighter.

Hello Everyone~

Hello there~

I wanted to create a blog like this one for a while now, so after much thinking about it i decided that there was no arm done, and here i am~

I really hope people will like my post and i hope to share interesting things with everyone *n*

so yeah, nice to meet you *^*)/


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