My collection of Etude House Look at my eyes eyeshadows

 Hello cuties!

Today i want to do something a little different, i'd like to show you my collection of Look at my eyes eyeshadows from Etude House
At first i was a bit skeptical about getting this, they looked like average eyeshadows, plus i had already a fair shade of other eyeshadows from different brands, but then the cute packaging got me and i bought a couple to try them out... That was the end of it, i soon feel in a Look At My Eyes vortex and now i can't get out of it (⊙﹏⊙✿)
First of all there are A LOT of colors to choose, and there are matte one and glittery ones, and usually the same colors gets both the sparkly and the matte version, isn't it great?


[Review] Etude House - Magic Any Cushion (Magic Pink)

Hello chocopies!

How are all you doing? Here in Italy it's still wayyyy too hot (◕︵◕)

Today i want to do a review-comparison! I'm talking about the Etude House Magic Any Cushion primer in the color pink, and i feel like i should explain the differences with it's liquid version, The Baby Choux Base (Which i have reviewed in the color Green Here).


[Review] Innisfree - The Green Tea Seed Serum

Hello Lovelies!

Italy became a gigantic oven this month, it's too hot to do anything {(>_<)}

Today i want to talk about a skin care product! And it's the The Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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