[Review] Etude House Skin mal:gem Emulsion

Hello Cuties~
I'm alive! Me and my life to the sea for a week and i've been enjoying the sun~~ (under the shadow, because i can't tan) it's been so long since i last went to the beach, it's nice *u*
anyway, since the place is so good and the view is breathtaking, i wanted to review something here (ノ・ω・)ノ
What i want to talk about this time is a skin product that i've been using for two years now~
It's (another) Etude House product, from the Skin mal:gaem line!

The Skin Mal:Gaem line aims to improve skin tipes and give perfect complexion with it's products, i only ever tried the Emulsion, but i really want to try all the other products from this line!
The Emulsion is actually a 3 in 1 product, Emulsion + Cream + Essence, being the lazy ass that i'm always are, when i saw that i could have all this things in just one product immediately jumped on it! (σ≧▽≦)σ
The packaging is really simple and classy, it come in a mat, glass-like container, but it's actually plastic, so it's easier to bring around, and you don't have to worry for it to break if it accidentally fall, it has a cute pink cap and i love the writing in it, as always, Etude House makes really great packaging.

In the back there are instruction in both korean and english, and you can see the description of the term Mal:Gaem.

The Cream itself is white and has a water-like feels to it! The amount i put on my hand in the picture goes well for my whole face, it's extremely moisturizing and it doesn't need a lot of product for it to work, it's 200ml so it does last a lot of time.
The opening of the bottle is kinda big, so you have to be careful taking out the product because there can be the risk of taking out more product than necessary (≧o≦)

It has a lot of fruit extracts in it, and you can definitely see that your face gets brighter after every application, i like to apply it at night, after my shower because it's super moisturizing, and it feels amazing on my tired and dry skin.
It's really light on the skin and it gets absorbed really easily, and it doesn't feel sticky at all!
This emulsion leaves the skin really smooth and nice, and it has a really nice smell, to me it smell kinda like baby powder and sweet fruits, it's not too overwhelming too, so it's great.
It might be too light for people with really dry skin, but i honesty find this product wonderful, you can see your skin getting better almost immediately!

As i said before, i really want to try other products for this line, and i'm overly happy of this product ≧◡≦

 Nice Smell
 Whitens skin
 Result are visible almost immediately
 Pretty Packaging

 Bottle not travel friendly
 Opening of the bottle big, so it's easy to squeeze out more product that what's necessary

Where To Buy: Etude House Skin Mal:Gem Emulsion

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Also, have some photos from my trip to this really pretty sea locality (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
This is the view from the breakfast table

Had my nails done there, rainbow glittery nails *3*

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