June Favorites ♡

Hello there cuties~
Before we get to far into July and everybody forgets about June, i want to show you what were my favorite product of the month)ノ  

It's been a really busy month (seriously, i swear it was may 5 days ago, time sure flies) But i was able to try out new product nonetheless, even with all the new stuff i've been trying out, i noticed there were a few items i would always go back too, so it was difficult at all to choose my favorite items of the month.

 Two of the products are actually gift i have received, and it makes me even more happy that i have such amazing people that know what product i will love ♡

nownow, let me show you what i loved the most during June (•̀ω•́ )

✿ First of all is the heavenly The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream,  i have already review this magic product Here and i haven't changed my mind since then, this product is ~amazing~ it's so easy to apply, cover my blemishes really well, i have this in my bag every day, no exceptions.

Sorry for the messy sponge ;~;

 Second item i really really love is a gift ٩(ω )۶ It's Aritaum Mono Eye eyeshadow, i'm not sure what color this is, but it's so pretty~ it's pink with gold, orange-y glitters and it has a wonderful effect on the eyes, plus it's super soft and easy to blend, i love it, and i now want to buy more colors (and let me tell, there are a looooottttt of them).


 It's Skin baby face blush it's the cutest thing ever ( ω)/  i have showed this cutie for the first time on my It's Skin Haul, since then, i used this blush almost everyday, it makes my face glow, and it's very subtle and cute, i love it! (i would have liked the packaging even more if the color of the cheeks on the cap was the same as the blush, but is just my crazy mind c.c)

✿ Next two items are lips products, both of them from Etude House (favorite brand much?)
First of them is Color Pop tint, i have it in shade #6 Bunny Pop, a cute pink, it's not too flashy, and it's really moisturizing and long lasting, plus the name of the shade has bunny in it, how could i resist?

The other lip product is Etude House kisfull choux tint, i have it in #2 pink choux, which is an adorable cherry pink, i don't really like that it doesn't have a lip brush or something with it, because i have to use my fingers or a random lip brush, but the color is so pretty i easily forget about it, it also has an amazing smell *3*


On my lips:

#6 Bunny Pop

#2 Pink Choux

✿  Last but no least is probably one of the best thing i ever had, Dior Show Iconic Overcurl, this mascara IS THE BEST THIGN EVER, i love how it gives such dramatic curl and volume to the eyes, the brush is curved, making it extra easy to apply mascara on lower lashes as well~ 
I lovelovelove it, this mascara is a gift from my mom, and now that it's almost finished i'm probably gonna cry in a corner for days, it's just too amazing for words.

no mascara:

With Mascara: 

That's it for my June Favorites! What are you cuties? Let me know ( ³)づ 

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