The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream

Hello everyone~

CCcream has become an hot topic all around Asia, and i'm sure they will soon being a must all around the world like BB Cream have.

CCcream is basically a refined version of BBcream.
While BBcream was created primarily as a skincare product, CCcream was developed to have all the benefits of BBcream but with more nourishing ingredients and some of them have an additional aim to provide even more effective coverage too.

Out of all the CCcream i have tried till now Face it CCcream provides the best coverage.

It comes in a very cute package, whit a sponge to apply it, even tho i rarely use it because i feel like it absorbs a lot of products, so i prefer to apply it with a brush or hands.
I really like the packaging because you would never think that a liquid CCcream would be in a compact packaging.
It has pump system to get the cream out,
this compact case it's a great idea both because it's really easy to bring it with you all day, but also because it's mess.free and the CCcream remains fresh.

I alway thought that i was a fan of BBcream more, but after trying this i had a change of heart.
It's a magic balm really. My complexion looks much better after only two weeks of using this, it does really nourish the skin!
It last all day and it applies with ease, blending out to a perfect finish, you don't even feel it and the coverage is amazing. This CCcream is designed to not oxidize or darken your skin and this is why you get a perfect coverage all day without your skin becoming ashy or orange.
I chose the color 02 Natural Beige and at first i thought it was too dark for me, but it's works just fine. 

The formula of this CCcream has an SPF 30 and anti-aging benefits other then brightening ones. It's really moisturizing and it has a very pleasant semi-matte finish. 
As the name say, it's a Aura CCcream, because it creates a beautiful brilliancy on skin, and this is always a plus on my list.

While with other CCcream you might have too apply BBcream over them to get more coverage this CCcream does all the work, it's basically the perfect mix, it nourishes your skin and it covers your imperfection perfectly too.

My skin feels softer and looks brighter and people are noticing it too, lately i've been getting a lot of compliments for my skin, and it's all thanks to this baby here.
It feels like i'm a different person whenever i'm wearing this.

As you guys can guess, i really like this CCcream.

How it looks on my skin:

Coverage test:

And this if the final look on me:

I hope you find this helpful for you research for the perfect CCcream~
What do you think about it?


  1. My skin has got worse each day bc i use bb daily now D: i want to try this but it's expensive!! Around $27 here T_T


    1. i'm sure CCcream will work better for you then~ i bought mine here~ [http://www.testerkorea.com/goods/content.asp?guid=6714&cate=208&params=cate=208^sword=^swhat=^listsort=new^listtype=album^listsize=20^page=1] which is the less expensive site where you can buy korean cosmetics. T^T



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