I'm Alive

I'M SORRY (╥_╥)

I didn't mean to disappear for so long, but ever since i came back from my holiday i was so busy with work, i haven't used my computer for a whole month.
All this time i was thinking what to write and what i could review, but in the end, i never had enough time to take decent photos, and when i had the weather was so shitty the photos were all blurry and dark and just plain meh.
Another reason that stopped me from writing new reviews: the items i was waiting for never arrived ( ̄□ ̄)
I had ordered the whole Etude House Disney Princess collection, but turns out the seller forgot to send my pack... so i was waiting for it for months ;; 
BUT i will be back, very soon actually! 
... I am leaving for Seoul tomorrow! So, the next reviews will be directly from there! 
I can't wait to be back in Seoul, i missed it so much TT^TT 
and i won't review just make up while i'm there, i plan on posting and sharing with you guys even the cute coffee shops i go to, or the stores i like more! 
I hope you will still be with me even if i disappear at times.

Love you~

p.s: here's a selca from yours truly.

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  1. How cute you are! An italian but does make up like an Asian, but it makes you beautiful!



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