[Review] Nature Republic - Super Origin Complete Control Cream (Tinted)

Surprise surprise! It's not an Etude House product ((((゜д゜))) Are you shocked? Because i am.

I never bought a Nature Republic product before going to Korea, i regret this now, because they are seriously good.

The first product i want to share with you guys is their Super Origin C.C Cream. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


[Review] It's Skin - Macaron Lip Balm

Hello Sweeties!

Winter is definitely coming here in Italy, my mother can keep on saying that i'm over dramatic, but for the whole week I've been f r e e z i n g {(>_<)}
While i love winter, the cold weather makes my lips all chapped and dry, and suddenly, lip balms become my Best friends ヽ(^◇^*)/

What i want to talk about today is the lovely Macaron Lip Balm from It's Skin (I talked a bit about it on my It's Skin Haul)

*please excuse the low quality of those photos, weather has been really shitty lately TT^TT*


[Review] Etude House - Snow White Precious Mineral B.B Cream

Since i'm a lazy ass, all i did for my whole month in Korea was sleep and eat and spend money around, i wanted to write some reviews but  ㅠㅅㅠ it never seemed to be the right time to take photos and write ㅠ3ㅠ i'm sorry~~

But now i'm back \o/ and i have tons of reviews for you~ 

What i want to talk about today is one item from their Happy Ending Disney Collection, when i had first read that they were about to launch a new collection in collaboration with Disney i was ecstatic, and i fallen in love with the products as soon as i saw them ≧◡≦
I had originally ordered the whole collection, but sadly the seller forgot to send my order so in the end i never received it, so i was waiting to buy everything in Korea *A*)/  (but, my usual luck, almost all the items of the collection were sold out .-.)

Out of the products that i tried, my favorite surely is the B.B. Cream! 


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