[Review] Nature Republic - Super Origin Complete Control Cream (Tinted)

Surprise surprise! It's not an Etude House product ((((゜д゜))) Are you shocked? Because i am.

I never bought a Nature Republic product before going to Korea, i regret this now, because they are seriously good.

The first product i want to share with you guys is their Super Origin C.C Cream. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

They have tons of C.C Cream from the Super Origin line. After switching some of them on my hand in the big store in Myeongdong, the lady who worked there came in my rescue to help me, and especially recommended this C.C Cream, who she thought would suit me best. (●´ω`●)

The packaging is really simple, the box of the CC Cream is made out of recycled paper (And it's been printed with Soy Ink), with all the infos and list of ingredients in Korean and English:

"This tinted Cream provides a seamless complexion  trough prevention of dehydration"

The packaging of the CC Cream itself is also really simple, in the same beige / light brown color as the box, it's the usual pump system. although this CC Cream is smaller than usual BB/CC Cream boxes, it has 45g of product.
I don't find the small size a problem at all, i've been using this for over a month now, everyday, and it's still has a lot of product. *E*

The product promises to Whiten, Improve wrinkles and protect the skin from UV Rays.

Most CC Cream are white in the start, but change color once you apply it on the face, this one instead is a tinted cc cream, so it comes in a light beige color, it still comes in one color, because when applied to the face, it oxidizes and it blends with your skin color, the sale lady tried it on her hand, and it blended very well with her skin tone, and when i tried it on mine, although i had a way more fairer skin, it still blended well with my skin tone ≧◡≦

The coverage is really sheer, it brightens and evens out the complexions, but it doesn't cover big blemishes or red pimples.
The first days i used it, my skin was really good, so i used to apply just this for my base (although i would put two layer to get a better effect).
As stress and smog and me being a lazy ass and not having a good skin care routine, my skin became too shitty for me to use just this one as my base for a whole day out, so i would usually apply this and add another BB Cream on top of it. It worked extremely well both alone and with a BB Cream, my skin looked brighter and fresh, and even after two layers of the CC Cream, and one layer of BB Cream, it didn't look cake-y at all. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I also feel like  it helps BB Cream and Concealer last longer on my face, and prevents dry patches to show on my face (i hate it when foundations emphasize my dry patches, especially on my nose and chin (⊙﹏⊙✿))

It has a slight floral scent, but it's nothing noticeable, and it doesn't linger around much when applied.

*I Actually took photos of swatches on my hand, but the weather was so bad it didn't show up TT^TT i will take better pics tomorrow and update this*

✿ Travel Friendly
✿ Last a lot even tho it's smaller than usual base products
✿ Gives face a pretty glow
✿ Perfects complexion
✿ Blends well with a wast range of skin colors
✿ 100% Organic

✿ Very Sheer Coverage

Here's a Selca were i'm wearing just this CC Cream has my base~

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  2. Great review!
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  4. *^* Da quando ho provato questa CC cream per il Sample Day di un po' di tempo fa me ne sono innamorata....La voglio tantissimo, ma ho un sacco di cose da finire ancora....



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