Favorite Etude House Liptsticks

While i was cleaning my make-up area i began to think about the products i use more, and i wanted to share with you guys my top three favorite Etude House Lipsticks. ( •ॢ-ॢ)-

As some of you may know,  Etude House is probably my favorite korean brand for make-up, and choosing just three between all of those beautiful lipsticks was extremely hard.

In the end, my Top 3 Lipsticks are:

- Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #PK014
- Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Color Pop #OR218
- Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #RD303

Color PK014 is my absolute Favorite of all times, it's a extremely pretty hot pink with mat finish, the color is extremely vibrant and it last a very long time, i love how easy it is to apply and how gorgeous it looks, it goes well with every look, it both suits day look and a more crazy night look perfectly.
If i had to choose just one lipstick to bring with me on a trip, it will probably be this one.

Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Color Pop OR218 is a gorgeous Orange, this lipstick has a really uncommon color, it's so difficult to find vivd orange lippies, and since Orange is one of my favorite color i was really happy about this one, it's perfect for summer, and it gives my lips a wonderful effect 

Last but not least is RD303, this one is a coral-red lipstick, i like to wear this in the winter, when i'm tired of red and i want to go for something less bright, this one is perfect, whenever i have it on i get a lot of compliments for how nice the color is, the matte finish is definitely a plus for me, especially because it doesn't get in the creases and doesn't make my lips look dry. 

swatched them on my hand sorry for the blurry pic, i didn't notice until now ;3;

those were my fave Etude House Lippies (〜 ̄)〜 what are yours? Have you tried any of these?

Here's a photo of me with OR218  (ˆˆ)v

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