[GARNIER] Pure Active Anti-Imperfection daily moisturiser

Hello everybody!

Today i want to talk about a product that i really like recently.

Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfection 24h moisturiser~ i found out this product by accident while shopping for cleansing wipes, the packaging looked really cute, so i decided to buy it (Do you see the problem? I just have to buy everything that has a cute packaging) 

Buy, as soon as i tried that on i fell in love with it, it's truly amazing.
What this cream promise to do is:

- Remove Imperfection
-Smooth Skin Complexion
-Shrinks and Purify Pores

And it really does it all! 

Even after the first time i applied it, my skin felt soft and moisturized, and it take little to no time for the product to be absorbed, so i can put it on right before going to bed, or second before applying my make up without worrying about it.

Usually when i try new cream, my skin breaks out, and some pimples start to come out on my cheeks or chin, but this time it didn't, and it made me it even more wonderful than what i already thought it was.

Another thing is absolutely wonderful for me, this cream contains mint, so it's really refreshing, and since the hot weather is already here, i love how cool and refreshed my face feels after i use this.

Has some of you tried this? What do you guys think about it?

Have a nice day everyone~


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