The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream

Hello everyone~

CCcream has become an hot topic all around Asia, and i'm sure they will soon being a must all around the world like BB Cream have.

CCcream is basically a refined version of BBcream.
While BBcream was created primarily as a skincare product, CCcream was developed to have all the benefits of BBcream but with more nourishing ingredients and some of them have an additional aim to provide even more effective coverage too.



Two weeks ago we sent my brothers to a summer camp near Venice and when we got there yesterday to get them we decide to go to a little trip to Trieste.
I'm in love, the city is really pretty, the sea is wonderful and i've eaten so well too *A* 
It was fun **

June Favorites 2013

Finally found some time to do my June Favorites~ 

It took me this long to choose this six items because June was a month full of new products for me, and it was so hard to choose between them, but i did it \o/


Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

Here i am again!
Today i want to talk about a wonderful lifesaver mask, it's the Tony Moly Tomatox Mask, it comes in a really cute packaging.
Yeah, it really looks like a real tomato, and a pretty delicious one too.
Korean are crazy over this mask, when i was in Seoul last summer, whenever me and my friends didn't know what to do at night we would just stay in the room of one of us applying tons and tons of masks, and this, this was the star of our nights.


Favorite Korean BBCreams (Etude House, Skin79)

Today i want to talk about one of my favorite products EVER.

I've been in love with BB Creams the moment i set my eyes on them.

BBCream stands for Blemish Balm Cream and it's a high formulated colored cream that has high skin regenerating and shooting properties which helps skin with his healing properties to refine, smoothen and heal the epidermis.
This  colored cream helps your skin to create and maintain a youthful complexion too (most of BBCreams have Skin lightening and Anti Wrinkle benefits), a magic product in all senses.



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