Brand New Start

I don't know how many of you are still here, i've been away way more than what i intended to.
Sadly, life isn't easy, and i knew that, still life had been harder than what i thought could be.
The year i've been away wasn't an easy one, it was full of bad decision, horrible people, health issues and many more, and it's still not easy, i still have to get out of that terrible period, but i'm fighting, and it's getting better.
I close my store, i temporary changed city, and the best thing that happened recently is that i got a dog.
I wasn't planning on opening and writing on this blog ever again, because it was part of a very dark period of my life, but today, i went online and i felt i wanted to write reviews again, i wanted to talk to you guys again.
So i'm back, probably i won't be posting much, half of my beauty products are still in boxes due to me moving to another house, and money are kind of an issue lately, so i can't buy as much makeup as i'd like to, but still, i'll be writing on here again.

If you are still here and remember me, welcome back
and if you are new, Hello!

I hope we can start this journey again.

Marti - Chocowip

and here, a photo of my dog, her name's Sophie.

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