Chanel Summer Collection 2013 "l'etè papillon de Chanel"


I've tried to not buy everything, but i've kind of failed, For this summer, Chanel gets inspire to the colors of butterflies and offer us a full set of electric shades Mascara and gleaming eyeshadows.

I decided to start with few things to try them out, and first of all, i fell in love with their shining eyeliner, it comes in a wonderful turquoise, it's kind of flashy but it look wonderful once you apply it on you eyes, and it last for the whole day.

The color is the 57 "True Blue". I always wear it to lift my mood up, it's so colorful that i can't help but love it.

Now to the eyeshadow~ it has a pen applicator, which i love, it doesn't get messy and i can put it without efforts.  I've bought the 37 "Jade Shore", Which was the most colorful one amongst the whole collection, i want to be colorful for the summer eheheh.

And now, this is the star of my post. The Lime Light Mascara. This Mascara has pro-vitamin B5, and it hydrates and condition lashes, helping them looking healthy.
This Mascara gives my eyelashes tons of volume and they look much longer, it's  waterproof  which is always good and it last all day long. Not only it's a nice color which makes my boring brown eye look much shinier, but it feels nice of my lashes, from now on, i won't be able to live without it.

where to buy it: Chanel Shop Online

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