[Review] Tony Moly - Pikachu Mini Cushion Foundation

Hello Chocopies!

The hot season is coming, and with a warmer weather i like to use a lighter foundation and today i will review a new cushion, since they are a perfect foundation for spring and summer.

The one i'm reviewing today is the Tony Moly Pikachu mini cushion from their collaboration with The Pokemon company ≧◡≦

The box the cushion comes in has a cute Pikachu on it, and you can find the ingredients and informations on it, both in Korean and English.

I didn't actually purchased this, two of my friends went to Korea and got me these with some other things as a gift 。(✿‿✿)。
They got me the shade 01 which is perfect for me! It has more of a pink undertone, but it blends perfectly on the skin nonetheless!
The packaging of the cushion is yellow and cute, with the same Pikachu you see on the box, it's really small, hence the name 'mini cushion' which is kind of a pity, because it means it will last a lot less, but it makes an extremely travel friendly cushion, that fits into any kind of bag, great for touch ups during the day!
I have it always with me, no matter how small my bag is, there's always room for it, and i love this! ヽ(^◇^*)/
Plus, despite having only 9g of product, it does last a lot, i've been using it on and off for about two months, and there still no sign of dryness, nor it looks like it's about to finish!

When you open it, it's like every other cushion product, with a puff (designed like a pokeball, how cute is that?) and a plastic lid that divides it from the product itself.

As you can see, it blends nicely with my skin tone, the consistency is really really nice, not sticky at all on the skin and it has a dewy finish without taking to long to set on the face 
The coverage is medium but buildable, it doesn't look cakey at all, and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin!

All in all is a product i really like, it applies easily, covers my discolorations and red spots pretty well, and has a nice glowy finish, making my skin look really healthy and nice *:・゚✧ 
Another great thing is the pore coverage this foundation offers, it's really amazing! Usually cushion foundations tends to show my pores a lot more, because the product just wont set over them, but i don't have any problem of this kind with this one 

Here a photo of my face before and after, with just one layer of the foundation and no concealer:

And here is the finished look:

I'll be extremely sad when i will run out of this handy cushion, it's just too good!

✿ Travel Friendly
✿ Dewy finish
✿ Buildable cover
✿ Easy to work on the skin
✿ Covers pores
✿ Doesn't dry quickly

✿ Not a lot of product
✿ May not work well for oily skins as it has a glowy-like finish.

Has any of you tried this foundation, or something else from this extremely cute line? Let me know!

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