[REVIEW] Missha - Lighting Tone Up Base (TESTERKOREA)

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This post was something i had to do for a while now, and i'm really excited for it!

I got this base from Testerkorea, which is my favorite site when it comes to buy Korean cosmetics! It has a lot of brands, and for each of them there is immense choice of products, and prices are the cheapest i ever see around! I've been buying from them ever since 2009 and i never once been disappointed! Another lovely thing about Testerkorea is the enormous amount of samples they send to you! It's insane honestly! I definitely suggest Testerkorea to all the people to ask me where to buy Korean products, because the site is amazing, and the staff is extremely nice and ready to help you out with everything (✿ ♥‿♥)
Base primer is a really important step when you want your foundation to look good, and depending on what look you are looking for, different primers must be used (If your using a matte foundation, it's better to use a clear primer with mattifying properties, if you want a dewy finish lavender and peachy primers are the best ones). Since they are such an important product, i am really picky when it comes to choosing one, and i have a really hard time finding one that i really like.

The Missha Lighting tone up base is a newly released primer, it comes in three different colors (Peach - Violet - Mint) each one is designed for different skin needs, they all have skin color correcting properties and they also provide a barrier between the skin and the foundation, below you can see each benefit for every color.

Mine is in the color Peach, and since lately i'm really into a dewy/glowy looking skin and this base really makes my foundation pop out.

The box it comes in is pretty simple, everything is written in Korean:

The product itself come in a white tube, really plain and simple, it's a 20ml tube, which makes it really travel friendly, and since the amount you need is lesser than what you's use for foundation/bbcream it last really long too!

It has a cushiony smooth texture that glides perfectly on the skin, i usually apply it with a brush, but i did tried using my finger and it worked wonderfully ad well! I have to say that i wasn't really impressed with it the first time i tried it, i used it just in my under-eye area, hoping it would brighten it and lessen the dark circles i was spotting at the time, but i couldn't see the benefits and i was a little disappointed, then i started using it on my whole face and voila, instant brightness! My face looks more awake and fresh when i apply it, and my foundation looks p e r f e c t, and it also last longer! I have a feeling it locks the moisture on my face as well, so it's a perfect base for this season! I was a little afraid it wouldn't work as well with a matte finish foundation. but i was pleasantly surprised! It worked wonderfully with it too, so this base primer is perfect also for people with oily skin that prefer matte foundations, it brightens the skin without making it look oily!

(I had taken photos of my face to show the difference but they came out blurry(╥﹏╥)so i will re-take the photos and upload them later)

✿ Travel Friendly
✿ Comes in 3 colors
✿ Great Smell
✿ Brightens the skin
✿ Creates a barrier, protecting the skin
✿ Makes foundation last longer

✿ Doesn't brighten too much dark circles

What do you think of it? What's your favorite Base Primer?

Where To Buy: Testerkorea (6,86$)

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