[REVIEW] Skinfood - Watermelon Soothing Mask

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As promised i'm back! The photo quality is not as good as i wanted it to be, but i did my best, and i'll do better next time.

Today i want to talk about a skincare product, it's a wash-off mask from Skinfood!
Recently some k-beauty brands arrived at Sephora Italy, and i couldn't resist getting some when i went there.
The first thing that caught my attention was this new line of masks from Skinfood, they come in this jar-like packaging, and there is different types:
You can find Lemon, Coconut, Apple, Watermelon, Pineapple and Cranberry, and each one of them has a wonderful smell!

I decided to try  watermelon one first, but it wasn't an easy decision!

First of all, the packaging, it's super simple yet still cute, to me it really looks like a jar of marmalade, and it really has a felling of something handmade!

The good thing is that it's not too big of a can, so it's pretty travel friendly, and it doesn't take a lot of space of the bathroom as well, and if you are a skincare hoarder like me, that is always a plus!

despite being a small jar, it's 90ml and has a lot of product! I've been using it almost daily for the past two weeks, and it's still full! 

Here's the close up to the description of the mask and the ingredients:

"A wash-off mask with a cool moisturizing gel that clings to upset skin and immediately hydrates and soothes it."

The mask itself has a jelly-like consistency and it looks pink in the jar, but it's transparent when you put it on your face.
It doesn't come with a spatula so you have to pick it up with your fingers, it's not the most hygienic thing in the world, but it's still easy to apply.
I like to massage the gel into my face when i'm applying it, and since the first application you can notice that it's not too sticky or creamy on the skin, the consistency it's amazing and it feels wonderful when you have it on.
You should keep the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, which go by pretty fast, especially because it's so lightweight you can forget it's on your face. 

The results are immediate, and you can see them clearly as soon as you wash it off.
The skin is left smooth and silky and it's soothed down a lot!
Lately my skin was red and full of red spots due to a very stressful period of my life, but this mask really did wonder to it! I don't see my face as irritated as it was before, and the redness seriously toned down! I liked the result so much that i included it in my daily skincare morning routine, while when i bought it i thought i would be using this only once a week or two.

I'm totally planning on getting the Lemon one which it's brightening and the Coconut one that hydrates the skin!

Here are the before, meanwhile and after photos:

The lighting isn't the best in this photos, and my face looks pretty red in the After shot, but i promise it's much more brighter and not so red in real life!

Travel Friendly
✿ Good Smell
 Lot of product
✿ Lightweight on the skin
 Soothes irritated skin

✿ Doesn't come with a spatula

Did any of you guys tried it? Do you like it? What's you favourite Skinfood product?

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