My collection of Etude House Look at my eyes eyeshadows

 Hello cuties!

Today i want to do something a little different, i'd like to show you my collection of Look at my eyes eyeshadows from Etude House
At first i was a bit skeptical about getting this, they looked like average eyeshadows, plus i had already a fair shade of other eyeshadows from different brands, but then the cute packaging got me and i bought a couple to try them out... That was the end of it, i soon feel in a Look At My Eyes vortex and now i can't get out of it (⊙﹏⊙✿)
First of all there are A LOT of colors to choose, and there are matte one and glittery ones, and usually the same colors gets both the sparkly and the matte version, isn't it great?

My collection is not really big, but it's growing, and since i always see people asking how this little things are, i want to show swatches and talk about about what i like about the ones i got.
I decided to start from the lighter till the darker one (▰˘◡˘▰)
The packaging is actually pretty simple, they come in a round transparent box made in hard plastic, and the shadows itself has little hearts on it.

I'm sorry if the photo didn't came out good, but the sun kept coming and going o(╥﹏╥)o

There are many lines of the Look At my Eyes the eyeshadows that i have are from three different lines: the regular one Look At My Eyes, that has matte and glittery colors, the Look at my eyes cafe, that has only matte colors, and the Look At My Eyes Jewel, which has super shimmery colors. (Can you guess what is the line i own the most?(●´ω`●))


This one is actually the first one i got, i saw it being used by  an ulzzang in a make up tutorial and i just loved it!
It's a super glittery yellow shade (from the jewel line), the yellow doesn't really show up on the lid, but it's so shimmery it really gives a lot of light to the eyes, i just love it ≧◡≦ i especially use it on my under eye, and i love the effect!

The hearts just completely went away in this one ಥ_ಥ

The photo doesn't show it too much, but you can still see it has a lot of glitter on it  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


This one is a light beige from the look at my eyes cafe, and i like to use as a base, it's really really light, but you still shows up on the lid.

See? Even if it's really light, you can still see it when applied. 


This one is from the Jewel line, and it's a coral shade, what i like about it are the shimmers, they are gold and give a wonderful glow to the lid, i love to apply this on the whole lid, and use a brown color on the crease and end of my eye.


Ok, this one is absolute favorite! I discovered it because one of the friend i was with in Seoul had bought this shade, i tried it and fell in love with it, for a fact i kept using it for our whole vacation  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It's a extremely pretty hot pink, and it's also from the Jewel line, so it's super shimmery, and the glitters are actually silver, it just looks amazing! It's super pigmented and shows up wonderfully. 
(This exact same shade exist even without glitters and the normal Look At My Eyes line)

Isn't it wonderful?


This one is actually one of my favorite brown shades, and i use it almost everyday, it's really light, and if i want for it to be really really noticeable i have to apply it at least 3-4 times, but for a natural color, just one layer is ok. This one is still from the Jewel line, so it has a lot of glitters too.


Another of my favorite shades! It's a light chocolate brown, wonderful for everyday use, i like to combine this with the coral one, it's from the Cafe line, and despite not having glitters, i still love it. It writes really well and it's super pigmented.


This is actually one of the most recent one i bought, it a deep brown with a bit of glitters of it, since it's from the normal line and not the jewel, the glitters are less noticeable, i like to use it when i do a brown smokey eyes, it writes EXTREMELY well, together with the hot pink one, it's the most pigmented one, just one layer is enough and shows up really well.


Another dark brown that i love to use for brown smokey eye makeups, this one is from the jewel line, and it has a lot of gold glitters in it, i love the fact that despite being quite dark, it still open up the look with the glitters, giving a very young and bright look to the whole make-up, it's slowly becoming one of my favorite dark shades. 


The darker shade i own is probably this one, it's a really deep brown from the Cafe line, since it's matte and extremely pigmented you have to be really careful when you apply it, because if one point gets more color it will show up a lot, so i usually try to get a little product on the brush as i can, and then slowly build it up.

Some of the make up looks i made with this eyeshadwos:

In  this one i'm using the BE102 and the OR204

In this one i'm using the RD301 (very lightly) and the BE104

All in all, i think that the ones that are less pigmented are the most light colors, i still have a lot of shades that i have to try, and that i want to buy, so i don't know if they all write so well like the ones i own, they aren't the most pigmented eyeshadows out there, there a lot of other brands that make much more pigmented eyeshadows, but i still like them a lot.

✿ A lot of shades to choose from
✿ Matte and glitter colors
✿ Cute packaging
✿ Travel friendly

✿ Not all the shades are super pigmented

And what do you cuties think of these eyeshadows? Did you tried them out?

Where to buy them: Look At My Eyes

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