[REVIEW] The Saem - Perfect Cover Tip Concealer

Hello Chocopies!

Yes i'm back! And i hope i won't have to disappear ever again!

How was the start of the new year for you? I hope it went extremely well!! Mine started kinda meh, and with some health problems, but i also got some awesome news, so i want to stay pretty positive! 

And now into the review! Today i want to show you one of my favorite concealers, if not my favorite! It's been really a looong long time since i last reviewed a concealer, and that's because i'm really picky with them and i rarely find one that satisfies me enough to make me want to review it!

But this one, well this one is just amazing. ♥‿♥

I've known this concealer for years now, i first discovered it in 2012, and i fell in love with it! Then i tried a bunch of different other concealers, from cream to liquid, but none of them really satisfied me, so i decided to buy this again when i was in Seoul last year, and since then i already repurchased it twice!

It comes in a really simple plastic container, the packaging is transparent so you can already see the color of the concealer!

the (little) infos present are all in korean, and you can find them on the back as usual, there is no list of ingredients, but you can find them on their online site, or ask the site (or sales-lady) where you buy it, and they will provide it!

I got mine in the color 01, and it's the perfect shade! Usually it's hard for me to find fair shades because i am extremely white, so even the lightest color is a little bit darker than my skin tone, not too much, but it just doesn't give enough light to my face! But this one is the perfect match! It's actually slightly lighter than my skin, so it gives a lot of light, especially in the under-eye area, and i love it   (●´ω`●) there are other two shades beside this one, so it covers a lot of skin colors! 

The coverage is pure magic! Like, it doesn't matter how bad my face looks, after applying this, i will instantly look fresh and flawless, it's amazing!
Usually liquid concealers are better for the under-eye area, while creamy/pot concealers are more indicated for spots and pimples, because a creamy one sticks better on the red, hot spot, while the liquids one tend to "slip" away from the spot/pimple, leaving it red and in wonderful display fort the whole word to see, but this little guy here does it jobs wonderfully! Lately my right cheek is breaking out from stress pretty badly, but it will cover all the imperfections without a problem, and most importantly it will stay on for a long time, there has been times where i would bring it with me, scared that i would need some retouches during the day, especially if i'm out of city for the whole day, but i never have to use it a second time! Once you put it on, it will stay on your face until you wash it away!(n˘v˘•)¬

One of the most important things, that i adore in this concealer it's also it's ability to make my (extremely dry and dark) under eye area super bright without going in the fine lines that i hate with all my heart! Even after some hours, the concealer stays perfectly in place and doesn't crease at all! And this is probably the thing i love the most about it!

I swatched it on my tattoo to show fully just how well it conceals:

Can you see how well it conceals a black ink tattoo? It works wonders i promise!

✧ Travel size frinedly
✧ Amazing Coverage
✧ Long Lasting
✧ Doesn't set in fine lines
✧ Three Shades to choose from

✧ None noticeable to me

Where can you buy it: TesterKorea (4,500 KRW) - Q-Depot (7,85$)

What do you think? Have you tried it? What are your holy grail concealers?

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