[REVIEW] Etude House - Sunprise Mild Airy Finish

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How was your weekend? Mine was great! I had a a little "sleepover" party at a friend house and it was extremely fun!

But now, let's go into the review!

Today, i'm talking about one of the most underrated skin-care product ever: Sun cream!
I use it on a daily basis, and i like to buy them and get different ones for each time of the year, there are some that are better for summer, since they are more moisturizing and sweat-proof, and others that are good for winter since they provide moisture and don't dry out the skin more than the weather does!

The Sunscreen i will be talking about today is from Etude House, and it's the Sunprise Mild Airy Finish!

Sunscreen cream is an extremely important step in the skincare routine of a person, because not only it protects from the UV rays, but it also help create a barrier between the foundation and the skin, so that we are not applying it directly on the skin, which helps the pore get less clogged!

During the colder months we might think we don't need any protection from the sun, but it's actually not right! It's a good habit to apply sunscreen even if it's winter, because even tho we can't see them, the UV rays still hits us and it's important to protect our skin from them!!!   ♨(⋆‿⋆)♨
Most people think that the UV protection that is in the foundation/bb cream is enough, but actually since it's quite diluted it's not enough to give all the protection the skin needs, and we would have to apply a lot of layers before it was good enough to give the protection it's written on the box (most foundations/bb creams have a SPF 25/30), meanwhile, if we apply a sunscreen between a foundation with some SPF, we will have all the protection from the UV rays we need for the whole day!         (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This Sunscreen is SPF 50+ and it comes in a plastic bottle, it's doesn't have any cardboard box, and all the infos are on the back, the directions and warning are both in korean and English, while the ingredients list is only in korean:

"This is a sebum-free, non-sticky sun milk that provides long-lasting sun protection with 100% mineral based mild ingredients for sensitive skin."

The packagin is pretty simple, just minty and white colors, and the always-cute drawing and caption typical of Etude House.

Once you uncap it, the dispenser isn't large, so that you don't spill too much product, which is great!
The texture of this cream is amazing, extremely light not like a lot of sunscreen creams that are way too dense and takes ages to get absorbed by the skin. ≧◡≦
Thanks to it's texture a little goes a long way! It's really liquid-y, and the skin takes no time to absorb it, and because it's especially indicated for sensitive skin, it's extremely delicate on the skin.

The smell of this i fruity, but it's not too much, and it doesn't stay on for too long, so even for people that don't like strong smells, it's a good product! I do find the smell refreshing. (✿◠‿◠)

It leaves the skin really soft and it uniforms the skin tone even if it doesn't have any pigmentation! Plus it has a matte finish which definitely helps the skin looking healthier! It's also extremely indicated for people that have an oily skin, because it absorb the excessive sebum on the face.

I've been using mine since June every morning before applying my base and i still have a lot of products! I do have another bottle that i bought with together with this, and i probably will buy it again, because it's by far one of the best sunscreen i have been using lately!


✿ Travel Frinedly
✿ Smells Good and it's not too strong
✿ Gets absorbed easily
✿ Not sticky
✿ Good for oily skin

✿ None noticeable to me

Do you use sunscreens on a daily basis? What are your favorite ones? Let me know!!

Where to buy: Testerkorea (9.900 won) | Etude House (9,24$) | 

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