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Hello Chocopies!

It's been a long time since i wrote a review about a foundation, that's because when i find something i like, i use that product for ages! And plus, lately i couldn't find any foundation that really satisfied me enough to make me want to write a review.

As you might know, i'm a big fan of Innisfree products, i love everything about them, so i was extremely excited to try this foundation!

I got this foundation from Testerkorea, which is my favorite site when it comes to buy korean cosmetics! It has a lot of brands, and for each of them there is immense choice of products, and prices are the cheapest i ever see around! I've been buying from them ever since 2009 and i never once been disappointed! Another lovely thing about testerkorea is the enormous amount of samples they send to you! It's insane honestly! I definitely suggest testerkorea to all the people to ask me where to buy korean products, because the site is amazing, and the staff is extremely nice and ready to help you out with everything (✿ ♥‿♥)

And now, into the review!

The foundation comes in the typical white and classy box most of Innisfree products come in.
It really gives off the idea of being organic and natural right? (✿◠‿◠) i personally adore this kind of packaging (just as much as the overly cute ones from etude house)
The infos are both in English and Korean, while the ingredient list is only in Korean:

"A deep-hydrating foundation formulated with the ampoule intense Complex that contains Jeju Green Tea Seed Oil to hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and radiant"

[Direction: After using makeup base or primer, apply  an appropriate amount and evenly smooth over face. Gently pat to finish]

The actual packaging of the product is pretty simple as well, with a transparent container that show the color of the foundation, and a white cap.
It's a 30ml products, so it's travel friendly, and perfect to be carried around in your make-up bag ≧◡≦

I got mine in the shade 13 Light Beige, which is the lightest coloration! It's the perfect match for my extremely white skin! I was actually positively surprised when i tried it on, it's rare that a foundation isn't slightly too pink or too yellow for me, but this one was just perfect!
When i saw this only i thought that it would have a spatula to scoop out the product, like the Holika Holika aqua petit jelly bb cream, but instead, it comes with a pump dispenser! Which is honestly even better, because it makes getting the right amount way easier (▰˘◡˘▰)

There are many reason that makes me love this foundation, and one of them is the hydration effect it gives! It has a pretty runny constituency so it slides wonderfully on the skin, and it's almost like applying a cream or an essence, the skin looks immediately smooth, and it isn't just the way the skin looks, but it also feels extremely soft to the touch! Plus, thanks to the smooth fit it has, it doesn't get cakey at all! Doesn't matter how many layers you apply! When i was testing it out i tried to do three layers, and it still looked smooth and natural! (I have extremely dry skin, so the smooth and dewy finish is perfect for me)

The coverage is medium, but it can be buildable, honestly, even though i have a horrible breakout on my right cheek, i just use one pump for my entire face and then apply a bit of concealer on the still visible spots.

It doesn't have any particular smell, so for people for a sensitive nose, this is the right product for you!
The duration is pretty good, the most i had it one has been 8 hours, it did a wonderful job! My most critical part of the face is the nose, usually a lot of foundation just leave my nose after a few hours, but this one stay in place perfectly!

Coverage test on my tattoo:

And this is how it looks on my right cheek:

 Travel Friendly
  Smooth and dewy finish
  Super Hydrating
  Medium Coverage
  Little to no smell
  Pump dispender

  Not a lot of shade to choose from
  Might not work well for oily skin

Where to buy: Testerkorea (18000 won)

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