[REVIEW] It's Skin - Magic No Sebum Pact DX (TESTERKOREA)

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I'm here with a new post! If you have read my review about the Etude House Dear Girls Control Pact, you might know that i don't use a lot of clear pacts, so i was really curious when i saw this item in the Real Tester set that i choose and Testerkorea sent me! 

As i said on my previous blogpost, Testerkorea is my favorite site for buying korean cosmetics! It has a enormous choice of brands, and for each brand there are millions of products, the shipping is fast and cheap and the price of the products are the cheapest you could ever find around! I've been buying from them for a lot of years and never once i've been left disappointed, they are efficient, extremely nice and give you tons and tons of samples with each order you place!

Let's get to the review now (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Like the Etude House pact, it's a pretty small product (12g) making it extremely travel friendly
It comes in a pink box, and the info and ingredients of this sebum  control pact are both in Korean and English.

"Nutritious Magic No Sebum Pact DX is an oil absorbing translucent pressed powder for fresh and even skin delivering soft matte finish and skin tone-up. Use it at the last step of the makeup to prolong foundation wear"
[DIRECTIONS] Use sponge and apply pact evenly to face.

The packaging of the product is quite simple, it has the usual shape of all compact pacts and it's plain white, and it has the name of the product, the duration (24 months) and some little info and link on the back.

Like i said, i'm not usually one that use a lot of sebum control products, first because i have extremely dry skin, and no problem of sebum excess, and second because lately i'm really into the dewy finish, if you are asking why i choose a sebum control pact then, i was curious, plus i loved so much the Etude House one i thought i could give another sebum control pact a chance! 

I use this more for the setting properties than for the sebum control, and i must admit it works perfectly! What i like to do is, i pat the sponge it comes with a few times in the product, and lightly pat it on my hand to get rid of the excess and then apply it to the parts where my make up tends to go away (cheeks, nose and under-eye area), i don't know why but i'm pretty skeptical with It's Skin products, maybe because i don't read much about them, but all the products i tried from them have always been pretty good, and this one was no exception! My complexion is instantly even and radiant, and it doesn't give off that cakey look that i'm terrified off. 
It sets invisibly on the skin, but still does a lot of work, to test how much it helped setting the foundation, i went out for a whole day with half of my face without the pact and half with the pact on, and trust me, the difference was huge! The foundation stayed perfectly in place on the side of that face that i had the control pact on!
Another thing i noticed is how much it reduces that feeling of "Stickiness" that come when you apply foundation and your skin has yet to absorb it! I could spend hour caressing my face, since it leaves it feeling extremely soft! After i apply i could probably roll on my face on my white sheets, and now make-up would transfer from my face to them.
It doesn't have any smell, so for the people that have a sensitive nose this is the oil control pact for you! And it's also perfect to bring it around in your bag thanks to it's small size!

This is a close up photo of my cheek after 6 hours of having my make-up done:

(The shiny part on my cheekbone is thanks to my highlighter) 

What do you cuties think about it? What's your favorite sebum control pact? I'm curious to know!

✿ Travel Friendly
✿ Help setting the foundation
✿ Makes makeup last longer
✿ Doesn't cake up
✿ 24months duration

✿ Not sure how it works in controlling the sebum

Where to buy: Testerkorea

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