June Favorites 2013

Finally found some time to do my June Favorites~ 

It took me this long to choose this six items because June was a month full of new products for me, and it was so hard to choose between them, but i did it \o/

First of them it's the KIKO Extra Volume Lipgloss, I LOVE IT. 

Actually, i didn't meant to buy this color, but i picked up the wrong one at the store and when i got home i got the shock of my life when i saw the hot pink lipgloss, that quickly went away the first time i applied it on my lips. This lipgloss is A M A Z I N G. 
It's really pigmented and feels soft on my lips, without that sticky feeling lipgloss often have. 

I don't see the "Extra Volume" that it should provide but there are plenty of colors and they are all really pretty *n* both because even tho some might look strong, being lipgloss they are as shocking as they might appear. definitely gonna buy it again as soon as i finish this **

(Where to buy: Extra Volume Lipgloss)

Etude House Dear Girls Vitcara Long & Curl

This mascara comes with a curled applicator, which is really cool actually, because it arrives to all lashes, even the smaller one, making the eyelashes looking fuller and longer, i usually apply another Mascara after this one to get a even deeper look. So yeah, i'm pretty satisfied with this Mascara uwu


Where to buy: Testerkorea

Tony Moly Bakstage Gel Eyeliner

I'm always been a fan of classic liquid eyeliner, but i saw a lot of you-tuber talking good about this so i decided to give it a try.

And WOAH. I could i have lived without this? It's perfect, i've choose the Black normal one for a everyday use, and it's ~amazing~  we could safely say that i'm an eyeliner fanatic kind of person, i pretty much always go out with eyeliner on, even if it's a super thin line. The tony Moly Gel liner comes in a pretty packaging  with a built-on brush, which i love.
Since it's a gel eyeliner it really easy to apply and the line come smooth and perfect in no time, and it does really last all day as it says.
So basically i love everything about this eyeliner, the texture, the thick color, the staying power, the waterproof formula, and how it can be easily removed with basics make-up remover despite the staying formula. A++

Where to buy: Testerkorea

Etude House Sun Prise Water Essence gel SPF 30:

This Sun Prise is a wonderful primer during summer, providing high SPF and hydrating formula.
It's water essence, a thing that i love because my skin tends to become very dry, but this little friend here helps it be hydrated and shiny. It's a thing i'm relaying on a lot lately for my make-up routine.

Where to buy: TesterKorea

KIKO Kiss Balm:

It's a really simple lip balm which i stumbled upon when i was out with my friends, it comes in 7 different flavors (mine is number 2 apricot) and all of them smell so nice, they are not really pigmented so it doesn't matter which color you choose as long as you like the flavor.
It makes my lips feel smooth and accentuate the natural color of them, giving a perfect natural look while hydrating them.
It's SPF 15 too, which is always a plus on my list.

(Where to buy: KIKO Kiss Balm)

Etude House All Over Cupcake:

This cute little cupcake here (Koreans really should stop it with this super duper cute packaging, damn it, they make me want to buy everything) comes in 7 different colors (I bought OR202 and the PK002) and it can be used a lipgloss, a blush or a eyeshadow, all the colors are really soft, giving a perfect doll look, when i first bought it, i used it basically just as a blush but once i tried it on my eyes i fell in love, it just really easy to apply, looks perfect and last long. The fact that is the cutest thing ever helped it become so high on my favorite list too. Oh and they all smell of peach, which is really delicious.

Where to buy: TesterKorea

This is it for my June favorite guys~ see you in the next post *n*
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  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets nessa

    1. oh thank you so much *A*)/
      yes~ i'm following you ^^
      Have a nice day~

  2. Martina /mette nella lista mascara e eyeliner/ btw un giorno mi fai qualche recensione su prodotti per pelle grassa/mista? ;_; ♥♥

    1. omg ma certo *n* ho comprato milemila prodotti che voglio provare ;n; /se solo arrivassero/ /coughs



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