Homemade SkinCare remedies.

My grandma always had a homemade natural remedy for everything, from how to cure allergies, migraines etc, to how to relax yourself and more.
When i was little we would spend afternoons preparing special masks for my face and it was so much fun.

Growing up i understood that something was just an urban legend but other remedies were real recipes that not only are cheap and easy to make but they have great benefits.

Here some remedies which are really useful and can make the difference if used with constancy.

For the face.

  • For dry and normal skin: Sugar + Milk: mix them together until you have a creamy mixture, apply on your face massaging softly onto your skin, leave it there for 5/10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Combination, oily skin: Baking Soda + 3 drops of lemon and some warm water (really few drops), apply everything on your face and without waiting, rinse with warm water.

a wonderful mask for your face: take a banana and smash it with a fork, add 2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of yogurt, apply on your face and leave it there for 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water.

For the lips:

Every morning massage your lips gently with your toothbrush.
Once in a while mix together, lip balm, honey and a teaspoon of sugar, apply on your lips, leave it there for 5 minutes and then take it off with a tissue.

For tired eyes, eyebags and dark circle:

  • Slice a cucumber and put two slice of them in the fridge for half an hour. After that apply one slice for eye and leave it there till it gets warm. Repeat as much as you want. 
  • Grate a potato (peeled) and put the mixture under your eyes, leave it there until it gets warm. Repeat how many times you want.
As you can see, the cold helps a lot, especially when you have eyebags, because they are caused by  water retention and toxins in the zone under our eyes. 

For Eyelashes:

One of the biggest trick is to use castor oil, that applied daily on eyelashes and lower lashes helps them growing strong and healty.

For blemished skin:

If you have pimples, tea tree oil is very good to purify the inflamed area.
To reduce black heads: if used often Indian Oil is really good (you can fin it at an herbalist's shop). Before you apply it, make a steam bath to your face, so you'll open your pores, then apply the oil with the help of a cotton pad, repeat until your face and cotton pad doesn't look clean.
For Red pimples and put some drops of eye drops on a teaspoon and leave it in the freezer for half an hour and then apply it on the pimple, the redness will be reduce a lot.

Hope it helps~ Do you guys have other remedies that you want to share? *n*

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