NIVEA SkinCare [Review]

Hello guys~ 
Some weeks ago there was a promotion on Nivea Products and i let myself get carried away with it ㅠ ㅠ, and in the end i bought these:

Well, i must say, i'm pretty satisfied with them. I still have to try the Honey face mask since i've been pretty busy lately with life, but i'm TOTALLY in love with the Clean Deeper Scrub, i use it every morning and every night during my skincare routine and i'm so glad i do, my skin feels so refreshed after it and it has a wonderful smell, not only that, it also leave my complexion much brighter.

with the start of spring, my allergies came back to me full force, and my skin suffered from it,  at the start of may i was full of horrible black heads >:| but after just a week of using this, almost all the black heads are gone. So yeah. This is a totally Must on my list of SkinCare products 

As for the Cleansing Milk, since at times my skin tends to get really dry, especially in the cheeks area, the cleansing milk was very helpful, it really hydrates my skin, and since it's really delicate, i can use it even under my eyes, which is great since i have very dry under eye skin, plus, it has the typical, NIVEA smell which i love *n*

 It's everything for now, i hope you'll find something helpful~

bye bye 

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