[MINI REVIEW] Tony Moly - Banana Hand Milk

Hello Chocopies!

Today i thought it would be a good time for a short review about a new hand cream i've been using!
I'm talking about the Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk ヽ(^◇^*)/

The weather is getting extremely hot here in Italy (After a week of rains and cold temperature, where it felt like we were in October ┐(‘~`;)┌) my hands get super dry and flaky when it's hot, and hand creams become a must, plus i really love them, i like having different ones and having one always with me, they are such fun skincare items!

Tony Moly always had fruit shaped beauty products, and they all look so cute! They came out with the Banana line two years ago, and there is a Sleeping pack, a Lip balm and this hand cream.

First of all, the packaging is the cutest thing ever, i love the banana shape, and i like how it's meticulously detailed to look like a real Banana, with sticker like fruits always have, love it ≧◡≦

It came with a transparent plastic box, but i don't have it anymore (◕︵◕)

This cream is obviously small enough to be extremely travel friendly, it fits any kind of bag and doesn't take up a lot of space, the upper part of the banana unscrews and there is a little spout where the cream comes from, the bottom part is soft and you squeeze it to pour out the product, pretty easy and hygienic 

The consistency of the cream itself is very compact and creamy, not at all runny like many other hand creams, but nonetheless, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. 
The absorption is immediate, and the hands are instantly moisturized, my skin goes to feeling tight and dry to soft and nice in seconds, and i don't have to fear touching something and leaving a mark because the creams literally disappears on my hand as soon as i massage it in! (▰˘◡˘▰)

Of course, the cream smells pretty strongly of banana, but you can't feel it anymore after a while, i personally like it, i was expecting exactly this familiar sweet banana smell when i bought the cream, but i understand that some people might not like it.

Travel Friendly
✿ Looks cute
✿ Nice Hydration
✿ Not Heavy nor sticky

✿ Smell might be strong for people who don't like heavy scented products

Have any of you guys tried something from this line?

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